BAND-IT BAND-FAST Double Clamps 600mm x 15.88mm

BAND-IT Band Buckle Stainless Steel


BAND-IT LFFC-F1015M060-A900

BAND-FAST PPA Coated Clamps


Cable Clamps

BAND-IT BAND-FAST clamps – LFFC-F1015M060-A900 – are a low cost alternative to cable cleats as they are faster to install, lower profile and need no additional cable fixings.

The cable clamps with captive clips have a width of 15.88mm (5/8″) and are made from 316 grade stainless steel for strapping and bundling single or multiple LV MV HV cables:

  • Single Cables – Maximum Bundle Diameter 70mm
  • Trefoil Cables – Maximum Bundle Diameter 28mm
  • Quad Cables – Maximum Bundle Diameter 25mm
  • Pack Quantity – 100 pieces

The PPA coated cable clamps have passed IEC61914:2015 short circuit test in a trefoil configuration – with short circuit fault current ratings of double wrap up to 76.3kA.

BAND-FAST clamps can be installed using the Bantam Tool – Order code – BAND-IT C075 .

BAND-IT Order Code Length Max Cable OD (for guide only) Weight Per Piece
Single Cable Config. Trefoil Cable Config. Quadrafoil Cable Config.
LFFC-F1015M060-A900 600mm 70mm 28mm 25mm 0.045kg


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➡ Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute the complete range of Band & Buckle products and tools manufactured by Band-It  from stainless steel used to fasten, strap and clamp LV MV HV cables, pipes and hoses.

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