BAND-IT KE1328 Cable Ties

BAND-IT KE0428 Cable Ties

BAND-IT KE1328 Cable Ties

BAND-IT KE1328 stainless steel cable ties are one-piece design ties with an integral buckle capable of double wrapping cables for strength, reliability and clamping LV-HV cables.

BAND-IT KE1328 Cable Ties

Technical Specification

  • BAND-IT Part Number: KE1328
  • Cable Tie Material: Uncoated 304 grade stainless steel
  • Cable Tie Width: 7.9mm (0.310″)
  • Cable Tie Length: 201mm (7.9″)
  • Maximum Diameter Single Wrap: 50mm (2″)
  • Minimum Loop Tensile Strength: 300lbs
  • Package Quantity: 100 cable ties per bag
  • Package Weight: 0.45kg (0.99lbs)
Band-It Ball Lok Stainless Steel Cable Ties

BAND-IT Ball Lok Stainless Steel Cable Ties

BAND-IT KE1328 cable ties made from 304 stainless steel can be installed using BAND-IT Tools KE922 KE502.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties Selection Table

BAND-IT Order Code Coated / Uncoated Cable Tie Material Width Length Max Dia Single Wrap Min Loop Tensile Strength (lbs) Package Quantity Package Weight
in mm in mm in mm lbs kg
KE1328 Uncoated  304 SS 0.310 7.9 7.9 201 2.0 50 300 100 / Bag 0.99 0.45


BAND-IT KE1328 is also available in 316 grade stainless steel with a black, halogen free epoxy coating – order code BAND-IT KE0428.

For uncoated 316 grade stainless steel order code – BAND-IT KE0328.