Cembre A160-M20

Cembre A160-M20

Cembre A160-M20

Cembre A160-M20

800sqmm Cable Lugs

Cembre A160-M20 low voltage cable lugs terminate 800sqmm copper conductors.

Install Using Crimping Tool: Cembre RHU520

Install Using Die Set: Cembre ME160-520

Typical Cable Lug Applications: Low Voltage (Up to 3.3kV)

Cembre A160-M20 is a 800sqmm copper tube crimp lug with M8 stud – short circuit tested up to 11kV for medium/high voltage termination of stranded copper cables with 800sqmm conductor cross section in dry indoor locations and compatible with both Cold Shrink and heat shrink terminations.


  • Manufacturer: Cembre
  • Primary Application: Termination Crimp LV Cables
  • Secondary Application: Termination Crimp MV Cables 11kV
  • Conductor Size Stranded Copper: 800sqmm
  • Ø Stud Size: 20mm
  • Internal Diameter Øi: 38.0mm
  • Width Of Lug Palm B: 72.0mm
  • Lug Hole Centres M: 24.0mm
  • Lug Hole Centres N: 23.0mm
  • Cable Crimp Lug Length L: 145.0mm
  • Dia d: 21.0mm
  • Low Voltage Cable Lugs
  • Cembre A160-M 800sqmm Cable Lugs

Install using Cembre Tools – complete range of ratchet, hydraulic and batter operated crimping tools are available.

Cembre A160-M

Cable Lugs Cembre HV High Voltage 11kV 33kV

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