Cembre HT-TC055 Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

Cembre HT-TC055 Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

Cembre HT-TC055 Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

LV-HV Cable Cutting Tools


Cembre HT-TC055 hydraulic cable cutting tool is a hand operated tool designed for use by LV-HV cable jointers, overhead linesmen and electrical engineers for cutting copper, aluminium, telecommunication cables and steel ropes with a maximum overall cable diameter of 2.17 inch (55mm).

Cembre hydraulic cutting tools feature a double speed action a fast advancing speed for rapid approach of the blades to the cable and a slower more powerful speed for cutting.

The cutting tools are manufactured by Cembre from high strength steel and heat treated to ensure extended service life – the cable cutting tool head rotates through 327 degrees enabling the user to cut cables in the most comfortable position (the shape of the HT-TC055 blades provide a “clean” cut) and can be opened easily to allow cutting of running cables.

The Cembre HT-TC055 cutting tool is fitted with a maximum hydraulic pressure valve.

Cembre HT-TC055 cutting tool


  • Rated Operating Pressure: 880 bar (12,700 psi)
  • Dimensions: Length 595mm, Width 144mm
  • Cable Cutter Weight: 8.3kg
  • Oil: AGIP ARNICA 32 or SHELL TELLUS TX 32 / equivalent (Approved by Cembre)

Cembre cutting tools should be cleaned daily (or after use) with a clean cloth removing any residue in particular particles close to pivots and moveable parts. Every six months it is essential check the oil level in the reservoir. If necessary fill oil level to the top lip and remove any excess air from the reservoir.

For storage and protection the Cembre HT-TC055 tool is supplied in a robust carrying bag for storage of the cutting tool.

  • Dimensions 727x202xh115 mm
Cembre HT-TC055 Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

Cembre HT-TC055 Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

HT-TC055 Dimensions

Max cutting Ø mm Length Width Weight
55 595mm 144mm 8.3kg

Cembre HT-TC055

Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool (Hand Operated)



  • With the HT-T055 tool in rest position operate as follows:
  • Insert the conductor between the blades at the desired cutting point. For a running conductor, remove the locking pin and open the tool head
  • With the conductor on the lower blade, close the tool head and fully insert the locking pinCembre HT-TC055

Blade advancement

  • Set the tool in the release position by rotating the fixed handle
  • The moveable handle will be released and the main handle will rotate automatically to the operating position
  • Operate moveable handle for lower blade advancement
  • This first stage rapidly closes the lower blade to the conductor.
  • Make sure that blades are exactly positioned on desired cutting point, otherwise re-open blades following instructions and position the conductor again


  • Continue operating the moveable handle, the lower blade advances gradually until the conductor is fully cut

Blade retraction

  • Rotate main handle clockwise to release position
  • Completely close handles and the lower blade will retract

Rest setting

  • Completely retract the ram
  • Keeping the handles completely closed, release the fixed handle which will rotate automatically to the rest position
  • The moveable handle will then be locked by means of the handle latch
  • Store the tool in the plastic case

Blade replacement

  • After extended use, the blades may loose their cutting edge
  • Replace the blades as follows:

Lower blade:

  • Remove locking pin and open tool head
  • Pump the moveable handle to make the lower blade advance until spring pins are visible on ram
  • Remove spring pins using a drift and remove the lower blade
  • Insert the new blade and secure with spring pins

Upper blade:

  • With the lower blade fully retracted, the tool head closed and the locking pin fully secured, hold the tool on the blade spacer or in a bench vice
  • By an 6 mm wrench, unscrew 4-set pins, remove the two holding plates and the upper blade noting the position of the cutting edge bevel
  • Insert the new blade, noting the position of the cutting edge bevel
  • Fit the 2 holding plates and secure with 4-set pins with relevant washer

Cembre HT-TC055 – Cutting Capacity

Material Tensile
Max Cutting Diameter (in.)
Copper  59,450 2-3/16″
Aluminium  29,000 2-3/16″
Aldrey  49,300 2-3/16″
Steel ≤ 261,000 Few Indicative Examples:
7 x 0.118 = Ø out. 0.354
19 x 0.083 = Ø out. 0.413
19 x 0.091 = Ø out. 0.453
Multi Strands Steel
(Strands Qty ≥ 200)
≤ 261,000 0.866
ACSR  261,000 1.968
Few Indicative Examples:
26 x 0.098 + 7 x 0.077 : Ø out. = 0.624
26 x 0.120 + 7 x 0.094 : Ø out. = 0.763
26 x 0.142 + 7 x 0.110 : Ø out. = 0.897
26 x 0.175 + 7 x 0.136 : Ø out. = 1.108
54 x 0.138 + 19 x 0.082 : Ø out. = 1.240
54 x 0.172 + 19 x 0.103 : Ø out. = 1.543
83 x 0.181 + 16 x 0.110 : Ø est. = 1.968
Guy Wire
Extra high
strength grade
7 x 0.188 : Ø est. = 0.562 in.
Rods Steel  87,000 0.787
 60,900 0.866
Copper  43,000 1.338
 36,250 1.515
Aluminium  23,200 1.968


Tool Maintenance Tips

Air in the hydraulic circuit of the cable cutting tool can affect use causing no advancement or slow advancement of the lower cutting blade or pulsating of the tool blade. To remedy this air bubbles must be purged from the hydraulic circuit exposing the rubber oil reservoir and operating the tool handle to advance the ram several times. Oil pressure can be discharged from the cutter tool circuit by pressing the pressure release lever to retract the ram.

It is recommended every six months to check the oil level in the reservoir of the Cembre HT-TC055 – always use clean oil and not old/recycled oil or hydraulic brake fluid.

If in doubt, contact T&D to discuss the service, repair and supply of all Cembre cable cutting tools.

Cembre Tool Type HT-TC055 Cable Cutter (Hydraulic – Hand Operated)
Type of Action  Cutting
Maximum Cable Cutting Diameter 2.17 in (55mm)
Length 23.43 in (595mm)
Width 5.67 in (144mm)
Weight 18.26 lbs (8.3kg)
Cembre HT-TC055

Cembre HT-TC055 Cable Cutters

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Underground Cables & Overhead Lines

  • Power Cables: LV-MV-HV Armoured & Unarmoured Cables (6.6kV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV). EHV, Subsea Cables & Umbilicals
  • Utility Cables: LV-HV Power BS6622 BS7870 (XLPE & EPR – Triplex) including Lead Covered & LV Waveform Cables
  • Offshore & Marine Cables: (IEC 60092, BS6883, NEK606, IEC 60331)
  • Telecoms Cables: Copper Cables (Aerial, Duct/Underground Buried & Wire)
  • Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC Mains & Service Cable)
  • High Voltage Overhead Conductors: Copper & Aluminium

Cembre hydraulic crimping tools are available to suit all types of cable installations.

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