Ellis 1A-11N Aluminium Cable Clamps

Ellis 1A-11N Aluminium Cable Clamps

Ellis Cable Clamps

Single Cable Clamps & Cleats

Ellis 1A-11N single hole cable cleats are manufactured by Ellis Patents from aluminium and are generally used to cleat, clamp and support LV Low Voltage power cables in dry industrial or outdoor unpolluted applications – for cable installations in harsh, hazardous area and medium/high voltage (MV-HV) applications refer to stainless steel cable cleats for excellent corrosion resistance and the highest levels of short circuit fault protection.

Ellis Patents 1A-11N cable cleats are suitable for securing single-way power cables between 13-16mm overall cable diameter – the one hole cable clamps are tested in line with IEC61914 International Standard “Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations”.

1 Hole Aluminium Cable Clamps form part of the Ellis Patents range of single cable cleats – also available as aluminium 2 hole single cable clamps to suit armoured/unarmoured cables with an overall cable diameter between 38-168mm.

Ellis Cable Clamp 1A-11N

Technical Specification

  • Cable Clamp Diameter Min 13mm
  • Cable Clamp Diameter Max 16mm
Ellis 1A-11N Aluminium Cable Clamps

Ellis 1A-11N Aluminium Cable Clamps 13-16mm

Ellis patents 1A-11N Clamp Dimensions

  • Width 41.2mm
  • Height 30.0mm
  • Clamp Depth 41.4mm
  • E 10.4mm
  • 1 x M 10 Clamp Fixing Holes
  • Weight 52g


Specification details for Ellis Patents 1A-11N Aluminium 1 Hole Single Cable Clamps for single cable applications:

Cable Clamp Part Number Min Dia (mm) Max Dia (mm) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) E (mm) Clamp Fixing Holes Pack Qty Weight (g)
1A-11N 13 16 41.2 30 41.4 10.4 1 x M10 1 52

Ellis 1A-11N Aluminium Cable Clamps

Ellis Patents

See Ellis Patents for further details about cable cleats for LV-HV cable support and retention.