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Feeder Pillars

rapid ev charging power supply feeder pillars

Lucy Zodion have developed EV charging pillars while considering the charge speeds that each EV charge point is capable of, either fast, rapid or super.

‘Rapid’ AC chargers for electric vehicles are rated at 43 kW, while ‘Rapid’ DC units are at least 50 kW.

Lucy Zodion EV supply pillars support both AC and DC charge points and have the scope to allow charging for the majority of electric vehicles up to 80% in up to 60 minutes (dependant on battery capacity).

Rapid AC devices use a tethered Type 2 connector. Rapid DC chargers are fitted with either a CCS, CHAdeMO or Tesla Type 2 connector.

The standard range of pre-wired EV pillars for EV charging, come in four sizes and are able to supply power for up to 12 rapid charge points.

Additional components can be integrated as optional extras – Contact T&D for more details.

rapid charging ev pillars – features

  • Two Lucy wedge locks are fitted as standard
  • Long life solid stainless steel hinge blocks
  • Features three vandal resistant fully flush hinges per door
  • IP65 internal distribution
  • Detachable roof and removable lifting eyes on pillar body
  • Wired to BS7671
  • Class II internal enclosures
  • 18 mm marine grade backboard
  • Modular distribution section means they are simple to upgrade and swap out

rapid EV Charging Pillars – Product Selection

EV Pillars
Fortress Size 14 Fortress Size 24 Fortress Size 30 Fortress Size 30
100A 3PH AC Supply 200A 3PH AC Supply 400A 3PH AC Supply 600A 3PH AC Supply
43kW (63A TPN)
Max no. of charge points per pillar 2 4 8 12
50kw (80A TPN)
Max no. of charge points per pillar 1 3 5 8
Height (mm) 1300 1600 1600 1600
Width (mm) 1250 1500 2250 2250
Depth (mm) 450 450 450 450
Weight (kg) 200 260 380 300