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Fire Resistant Cable Cleats London Underground Approved

Fire Resistant Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats

Thorne & Derrick distribute Ellis Patents Fireproof Rated Cable Cleats for low, medium and high voltage electrical systems, typically distributing LV 6.6kV-11kV-33kV power – we provide competitive prices for LV-MV-HV cable cleats, clamps and hangers from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

Fire resistant cable cleats are installed to clamp, support and fix fire performance cables forming part of the emergency and essential building service systems required to operate in the event of fire – FP fire rated cables are primarily used for fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and voice alarm systems.

Cable cleats should demonstrate fire resistance and low smoke which limits the effects of toxic fumes and smoke during a fire thus facilitating effective escape in the event of a fire and reducing collateral damage to expensive and critical equipment.

Fire Rated Cables & BS5839-1:2002

Fire rated (FP) cables and their performance in fire situations are covered by British Standard BS5839-1:2002 “Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems For Buildings” – this current standard covers:

  •  Wider definition of critical fire cable circuits
  •  Two different levels of fire resistance for cables
  •  New fire test requirements for cables
  •  New recommendations for networked systems
  •  New guidance on segregation
  •  Restrictions on the use of multicore
  •  Stricter requirements for cable fixing, cable cleats and support materials
Fire Resistant Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents Phoenix Stainless Steel Fire Resistant Cable Cleats

Currently no standard is published to specifically address the securing and clamping of fire resistant cables using cleats – with FP cable typically related for operation in temperatures ranging from 850°C to 950°C then the use of plastic cable cleats or clamps is prohibited.

Similarly, aluminium cable cleats with a typical melting point of 600°C would fail to support FP type fire resistant cables.

Fire Rated Cable Cleats

London Underground Approved

LUL approval for cable cleats requires products to undergo a series of material performance tests relating to toxicity, smoke emissions and the Limiting Oxygen Index. These tests are carried out in accordance to the relevant standards and once LUL compliance is achieved the cable cleat becomes “compliant with the requirements of London Underground Standard 1-085”.

The cable cleat product range is then allocated with a unique Product Register Number and placed onto the LUL Intranet system used by specifiers and buyers working on LUL projects.

All Ellis Patents cleats have undergone testing at the Building Research Establishment to ensure complete compliance and assurance of performance in fire situations. The BRE compliance is aligned with the London Underground 1-085 specification:

  • Smoke Emission
  • Limited Oxygen Index
  • Fume Toxicity

The appropriate cable cleats manufactured by Ellis Patents are listed in the London Underground Approved Products register with identification numbers 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365 and 1661 – should you require any assistance with the specification or supply of cable cleats to support rail cables in stations, tunnels or sub surface please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rail Cable Cleats

LUL standard 1-085 lONDON uNDERGROUND

All the following cable cleats are compliant with London Underground Standard 1-085 A2 for ‘Fire Safety Performance Materials’, having met the following parameters for electro-technical components Limiting Oxygen Index to BS EN ISO 4589-2:1999; Smoke Emission to BS 6853:1999, Annex D.8.3; and Toxic fume emission to NFX 70-100:2008

Ellis Patents cable cleats with current approvals to the LUL standard 1-085 and featured on the London Underground products register are:

  • Alpha Cable Cleats – LUL Product Register No 360
  • Emperor Cable Cleats – LUL Product Register No 362
  • Vulcan VRT+ Cable Cleats – LUL Product Register No 361
  • LUL Version 1F One Hole Cable Clamps – LUL Product Register No 363
  • LUL Version 2F 2 Hole Cable Clamps – LUL Product Register No 364
  • LUL Version Industrial Cable Clamps – LUL Product Register No 365
Cable Cleats Fire Resistant Rail Cables

Ellis Phoenix Cable Cleats – the fire rated cleats are shown undergoing fire rating testing at the Exova Warrington independent laboratory

25kV 33kV Rail Cable Cleats

Network Rail Approved

Thorne & Derrick distribute an extensive range of MV HV Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors to support the installation of rail power systems operating at medium/high voltages – this includes 19kV/33kV and 25/44kV medium voltage cables manufactured to Network Rail power cable specification NR/PS/ELP/00008. MV cables are used to supply three-phase AC electrical power supply to traction substations on electrified lines. The 33kV cables and 44kV cables are designed to supply power to DC and AC electrified rail lines respectively.

Network Rail medium voltage cables are available with an MDPE or low smoke zero halogen outersheath, the latter being suitable for use underground and in tunnels – a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke cable cleats are available to suit these rail cables.

NR/PS/ELP/00008 Rail Cable Construction

Conductor 19kV 33kV Cable  25kV 44kV Cable 
185mm² – circular solid aluminium (Class 1)
300mm² – compacted circular stranded copper (Class 2)
120mm², 400mm² & 800mm² – compacted stranded copper (Class 2)
Conductor Screen Extruded semi-conductive cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) solidly bonded
Insulation XLPE
Insulation Screen Extruded semi-conductive cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) strippable
Bedding Tape Water-swellable semi-conducting tape
Screen Copper wire screen, helically wound with equalising copper tape
Separator Water swellable tape
Sheath Medium density polyethylene (MDPE) Type TS2 (Graphite Coated) or LSZH

NR/PS/ELP/00008 Rail Cable – Pad References

33kV Cables 44kV Cables 
120mm² PADS 0006/148035
185mm² PADS 006/122514
300mm² PADS 006/122511
400mm² PADS 0006/148030 (MDPE)
PADS 0006/187803 (LSZH)
800mm² PADS 6/148025


Rail Cable Cleats

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