Low Voltage LV Industrial Cable Joints – Prysmian JBR

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Low Voltage LV Industrial Cable Joints – Prysmian JBR

Low Voltage LV Industrial Cable Joints – Prysmian JBR

Prysmian JBR industrial branch cable joints are used for LV cables with copper & aluminium conductors ranging from 1.5sqmm to 300sqmm and have transparent vacuum formed shells which offer greater working dimensions & interlocking flange seals.

JBR low voltage cable joints include low hazard isocynate free JEM resin which has extremely low viscosity and enhanced adhesion and are designed to allow use with compression or mechanical connectors.

T&D can offer the full range of Prysmian cable joints for low voltage industrial cable jointing applications.

Prysmian JBR Cable Joints

Technical Data

  • Low Voltage Branch Joints for 600/1000 Volt SWA cables to BS5467, BS6346 and IEC 502 – with Polymeric Insulation, aluminium or copper conductors.
  • Tested & Approved to BS EN 50393 & ENA ER C81
  • Constant Force Spring Armour Bonds Included

Prysmian JEM Resin Features & Benefits

  • Easier resin mixing by the cable jointer in “Twin Pack” totally enclosed mixing in a clear laminate sachet.
  • Extremely low mix viscosity allows void free cable joint filling.
  • JEM Resin is insensitive to moisture and will cure under water.
  • Enhanced adhesion to XLPE, MDPE, PVC & lead covered cables.
  • High flash point, non-flammable liquid – no special storage or transport requirements.
  • Not classified as irritating to the skin or eyes.
  • Does not cause skin sensitisation.


Prysmian Cable Joint Reference Dimensions
A B C Minimal Box Entry ∅ (D) Maximum Box Entry ∅ (E)
JBR6 240mm 125mm 75mm 12mm 22mm
JBR16 345mm 160mm 95mm 20mm 35mm
JBR35 435mm 175mm 100mm 24mm 40mm
JBR95 650mm 210mm 190mm 27mm 51mm
JBR185 870mm 250mm 230mm 40mm 65mm
JBR300 1020mm 300mm 310mm 55mm 80mm

Note: Prysmian JBR joints are provided without connectors, compression connectors or mechanical connectors can be provided separately.

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Prysmian JBR LV Cable Joints - Dimensions

Prysmian JBR LV Cable Joints – Dimensions

Nominal Area of Conductor Two Core Ref Three Core Ref Four Core Ref
1.5sqmm JBR6 JBR6 JBR6
2.5sqmm JBR6 JBR6 JBR6
4sqmm JBR6 JBR6 JBR6
6sqmm JBR6 JBR6 JBR6
10sqmm JBR6 JBR16 JBR16
16sqmm JBR16 JBR16 JBR16
25sqmm JBR16 JBR16 JBR35
35sqmm JBR35 JBR35 JBR35
50sqmm JBR95 JBR95 JBR95
70sqmm JBR95 JBR95 JBR95
95sqmm JBR95 JBR95 JBR95
120sqmm JBR185 JBR185 JBR185
150sqmm JBR185 JBR185 JBR185
185sqmm JBR185 JBR185 JBR185
240sqmm JBR300 JBR300 JBR300
300sqmm JBR300 JBR300 JBR300

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