Klauke EK50ML | Battery Powered Cable Crimping Tool 0.14 – 50sqmm

Klauke EK50ML

Battery Powered Cable Crimping Tool 0.14 – 50sqmm – Klauke EK50ML


The Klauke EK50ML is a battery powered cable crimping tool that gives excellent crimping results with minimum effort for cable lugs and connectors up to 50sqmm. The Klauke micro features the intuitive PowerSense function and combines the benefits of manual crimping tools with the convenience of battery powered hydraulic crimping tools.

The Klauke EK50ML electromechanical crimping tool uses i-Press App which allows all tool data to be viewed at a glance.

Battery powered hydraulic crimping tool with a crimping range between 0.14-50sqmm.

Should you require any customer service or technical support in order to select the correct crimping or cutting tool for all types of LV MV HV electric cables please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Simple and safe: one-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
  • Electronic control with locking function monitors full closing of the dies
  • Simple and safe: Automatic retraction after operation completed
  • Manual retract as required
  • Motor stall protection
  • Ergonomic 2C housing in the Klauke “In-line Design”
  • Fastening eye for use with balancer or as fall protection in field applications
  • Very low weight and high speed for maximum efficiency
  • Powerful drive technology for fatigue proof operations
  • Powerful 10.8 V Li-Ion battery with charge status display
  • LED for work area illumination
  • Maintenance display via LED
  • Project-related logging with the Klauke i-press software package
  • Suitable for 50-series interchangeable crimping dies
Klauke EK50ML

Electromechanical Cable Crimping Tool 0.14-50sqmm – Klauke EK50ML

Battery Crimping Tools

The following table shows the specification of the EK50ML crimping tool:

Crimping ToolKlauke EK50ML
Crimping Forcemax. 15kN
Crimping Range0.14-50sqmm
Crimping Cycle < 1.5 s (based on connection material)
Number of Crimpsapprox. 300 for 10 mm² Cu DIN 46234 / per battery charge
Battery Voltage10.8 V
Battery Capacity 1.5 Ah, Li-lon
Battery Charging Time ca. 40 Minutes
Weight Including Battery0.96kg
Ambient Temperature-10°C to +40°C



The following tables show the correct die sets to use for installing cable lugs, connectors, joints and end sleeves using Klauke EK50ML crimping tool:

Suitable forCrimping range sqmmType of dies
Copper tubular cable lugs and connectors
Tubular cable lugs and connectors – Cu, standard design0,75 – 10Crimping dies R 50, indent crimping
Tubular cable lugs and connectors – Cu, standard design6 – 25Crimping dies R 50, hexagonal crimp
Tubular cable lugs and compression joints for solid conductors – Cu1,5 – 10Crimping dies M 50


Suitable forCrimping range sqmmType of dies
Copper compression cable lugs and connectors to DIN
Compression cable lugs (DIN 46235) and connectors (DIN 46237, part 1) according to DIN – Cu6 – 25Crimping dies D 50


Suitable forCrimping range sqmmType of dies
Copper Solderless terminals, connectors and pin terminals to DIN
Solderless terminals (DIN 46234), pin terminals (DIN 46230) and solderless connectors (DIN 46341) according to DIN – Cu0.5 – 10Crimping dies Q 50


Suitable forCrimping range sqmmType of dies
Cable end-sleeves
Cable end sleeves0,14 – 50 Crimping dies AE 50


Suitable forCrimping range sqmmType of dies
Cable connections, insulated and non-insulated
Insulated cable connections, single crimping0,5 – 16 Crimping dies IS 50, simple crimping
Insulated cable connections, double crimping0,1 – 6Crimping dies IS 50, double crimping
Non-insulated receptacles0,25 – 6Crimping dies CR 50
For stud and shielded sleeves, BNC plugs for coax cable RG 58, 59, 62 and 71Crimping dies BNC 50
Turned pin receptacle, pin connectors0,1 – 4Crimping dies SB 50


Should you require technical assistance to select the correct cable crimping or cable cutting tools please contact us.

Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of cable tools to enable the preparation of all LV MV HV cables prior to the installation of Joints, Terminations & Connectors – this includes Klauke, Cembre, Alroc and Boddingtons cable jointing tools for removal of cable sheath, screen and insulation on 11/33kV (MV) and 66kV/132kV (HV) power cables.

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