Cast Iron Feeder Pillar Size Code – Lucy Zodion 42

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars - Lucy Zodion

Lucy Zodion 42

Lucy Zodion cast iron feeder pillars are designed for increased weather protection, security and very long service life. The feeder pillars are available in a range of sizes including Lucy Zodion 42.

Manufacturer: Lucy Zodion 

Brand: Heritage 

  • Cast Iron Feeder Pillar Size Code – 42
  • Width of Pillar Roof (RW) (mm) – 1146
  • Ground Fixing Centres (Bolt On Root Only) (mm) – 787
  • Ground Fixing Centres (Shell Only) (mm) – 1035
  • Min. Distances Required To Open Door (mm) – 503
  • Internal Width (mm) – 1073
  • Backboard Width (mm) – 997
  • Empty Weight (kg) – Highline – 332
  • Empty Weight (kg) – Lowline – 292

Cut Outs & Isolators

T&D are Main Distributors for Lucy Zodion feeder pillars for Low Voltage Power Distribution 600/1000V – the Lucy Titan range of street lighting cut-outs  are available as primary or secondary types for single pole or double pole isolation of cables with conductors up to 25sqmm. The Lucy Trojan range of street lighting isolators, compatible with Trojan cut-outs, provide double pole isolation with extension troughs for a range of cable terminations and cable gland plates to suit armoured power cables (XLPE SWA) – for the repair, diversion or extension of power cables we stock armoured cable joints in resin cast, heat shrink and Cold Shrink.

Lucy Titan Cut Outs

Lucy Titan Cut Outs

Lucy Trojan Isolators

Lucy Trojan Isolators

Feeder Pillars

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