Cast Iron Feeder Pillars – Lucy Zodion

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars - Lucy Zodion

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars

Power Distribution Enclosures

Lucy Zodion cast iron feeder pillars are designed for increased weather protection, security and very long service life. The Heritage range of cast iron feeder pillars are available in 7 different widths with 2 different heights plus locking arrangements and colours can be tailored to customer specification.

All feeder pillar components are subject to zinc phosphate resin treatment followed by a final coat of polyurethane paint in dark Admiralty grey (RAL7012) or Hollybush green (RAL 6028) – sets of zinc pre-coated steel in-fill panels available for fitting to feeder pillar root when above ground mounted.

Pillar doors can be installed front and back if required with a centre mounted backboard offering dual entry/security for utility or local authority working access.

Traditional design feeder pillars manufactured from cast iron conserve the architectural integrity of the built environment with an IP33 ingress rating – standard RAL colours (RAL 7012 or RAL 6028) are available. The pillars can be pre-equipped with control and electrical equipment to customer specification.

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars

Lucy Zodion Heritage


  • Pillar cap and sides cast in close grain grey iron to BS1452 : Grade 180
  • Dark Admiralty grey or Hollybush green colours available
  • IP3L3 degree of protection to IEC 947-1 standard
  • Doors and back panels fabricated from 4mm chrome enriched steel
  • Doors can be fiited back and front for REC and local authority access
  • 15mm plywood backboard
  • Two wedge locks with security covers fitted
  • Removable pillar doors with latching stays
  • Anti-condensation vented cap
  • Lifted lugs (for lifting non-equipped cabinets only)
  • Options – in-fill/apron plates, yale lock, bar lock, colours, interior lighting, heater kits and electrical interior fit out.

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars - Lucy Zodion


The ranges of feeder pillars are shown in the selection table below – Size 30 pillars fitted with a single left-hand opening door whilst the remainder are double door equipped. Customers can select from a range of additional features and functions which includes doors fitted back and front and non standard colours.

Cast Iron Feeder Pillar Size Code30384246545866
Width of Pillar Roof (RW) (mm)835104511461248145215531756
Ground Fixing Centres (Bolt On Root Only) (mm)476686787889109211941397
Ground Fixing Centres (Shell Only) (mm)72493410351137134014421645
Min. Distances Required To Open Door (mm)486452503554655706808
Internal Width (mm)76297210731175137814801683
Backboard Width (mm)6868969971099130214041607
Empty Weight (kg) – Highline280315332360398415440
Empty Weight (kg) – Lowline241279292318343368394

Ordering Feeder Pillars

The ordering code for Lucy Zodion Heritage type cast iron feeder pillars is comprised of 3 sections.

Section 1 – Pillar Height Above Ground (H)

  • H = Highline H = 1454mm
  • L = Lowline H = 1149mm

Section 2 – Pillar Body Width

  • 22 – 582mm
  • 30 – 785mm
  • 38 – 995mm
  • 42 – 1096mm
  • 46 – 1198mm
  • 54 -1402mm
  • 58 – 1503mm
  • 66 – 1706mm
  • 70 – 1808mm

Section 3 – Options

  • A – Colour Green
  • B – In Fill Panel For Root Section
  • C – Bar Lock
  • D – Yale Lock
  • F – Alternative Paint Colour
  • G – Heater Kit
  • H – 13 Amp Socket Kit
  • I – Lighting Kit
  • S – Special Custom Requirement (Contact T&D)

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars

Eg Lucy Zodion H 22 A B D G 

This is a Heritage range cast iron feeder pillar manufactured by Lucy Zodion – the pillar height above ground is 1454mm (Highline) and a width of 582mm. The pillar would be painted Green Colour (A) supplied with in fill panel (B), yale lock (D) and heater kit (G).

Cast iron pillars can be supplied with pre-equipped backboard according to customer specification with factory issued test certificate – G2A Highways Agency paint specification is an option for motorways and major A road projects.

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars - Lucy Zodion - Dimensions

Cast Iron Feeder Pillars – Lucy Zodion – Dimensions

Feeder Pillars

Thorne & Derrick are Main Distributors for Lucy Zodion feeder pillars for LV power distribution – a choice of surface finish and pillar base materials (galvanised steel, stainless steel, cast iron and GRP) is available from stock.

Feeder Pillars - Lucy Zodion Fortress

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