Medium Duty Cable Socks – MV Medium Voltage Cable Socks & Conductor Grips 132kV

M Type Medium Duty Cable Socks

M Type Medium Duty Cable Socks

MV Medium Voltage Cable Socks & Conductor Grips 132kV

Cable Socks

These cable socks are made from galvanised steel suitable for all cable and common conductors, e.g. Horse, Lynx, Upas, Zebra and Araucaria including earth and optical or overhead ground wires (OPGW). Contact us for cable socks or grips to suit all types of ABC, Copper, AAAC and ACSR conductor specifications.

M type cable socks are a range of cable conductor grips that are quick and easy to attach and remove, in sizes from 8mm to 32mm with a minimum break load up to 9,950kgs and WLL 3,183kgs.

Medium duty cable socks are colour coded for ease of identification and the flexible eye connects with slingco line pulling swivels for trouble-free pulling applications.

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Cable Pulling Socks

Cable Pulling Socks

When pulling synthetic rope it is recommended to use a Slingco Feed tube to simplify the process of inserting the rope into the cable sock – the cable socks are made of galvanised steel. To avoid the effects of torsion a line pulling swivel that rotates under load should be used with the cable pulling grips.

Selection Table For Medium Duty Cable Socks

The following table enables the specification and selection of medium duty cable socks for MV Medium Voltage applications – we stock and supply a complete range of socks for installation of LV MV HV cables through cable ducts, conduits and trenches.

Slingco Part Code Colour Code Rope Diameter Range Inches Rope Diameter Range mm Lattice Length Inches Lattice Length mm Break Load lb Break Load kg WLL lb
WLL kg
ZCS7229 Green 0.31 – 0.51 8 – 13 24 610 4,960 2,250 1,653 750
ZCS7230 Brown 0.47 – 0.75 12- 19 24 610 7,452 3,380 2,484 1,127
ZCS7231 Light Blue 0.75 – 0.98 19- 25 24 610 12,214 5,540 4,071 1,847
ZCS7232 Gold 0.98 – 1.26 25 – 32 24 610 21,054 9,550 7,018 3,183

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