Micaver Insulators MV467

Micaver Insulators MV467

Micaver Insulators MV467




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The following tables and information provide technical specification details about MV467 Micaver insulators, type A, B & N.

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Insulator Code Inserts | Treated Steel ‘M’ ‘I’ Pas/Pitch Weight
MV467A 1 x rod/tige 5 mm 15 mm 80 0.12 kg
MV467B 1 x rod/tige 8 mm 20 mm 125 0.22 kg
MV467N 1 x rod/tige 12 mm 35 mm 175 0.36 kg
Micaver Insulators MV467

Micaver Insulators MV467

Electrical Equipment LV MV HV

➡ T&D can supply a complete range of Insulators manufactured from epoxy, polyester, resin, porcelain and Micaver – this is complemented by electrical equipment bushings for LV MV HV Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Pole Mounted Transformers and Switchgear.


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