Slingco ZCS0323

Slingco ZCS0323

Cable Socks – Single Eye

Slingco ZCS0323 Single Eye Cable Socks are ideal for pulling light to medium cables and can be used with either a single cable or a group of cables, where additional support is unnecessary or if used in conjunction with other cable socks.

  • Product: Single Eye Cable Sock
  • Slingco Part Number: ZCS0323
  • Construction: Galvanised Steel
  • Range: 1.00-1.50″ / 25-38mm
  • Lattice Weave: Single
  • Lattice Length: 18″ / 455mm
  • Overall Length: 24″ / 610mm
  • Approximate Break Load: 7,840lb / 3,555kg
  • More Overhead Line Equipment

➡ See complete range of cable socks for pulling and laying power, telecom, fibre optic, subsea and umbilical cables into trench, duct or onto overhead line towers – this includes single eye, double eye, open ended and lace-up type cable socks.

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