Overhead Line Equipment

Published 29 Mar 2017

Overhead Line Equipment

Overhead Line Equipment – Suppliers Of Medium & High Voltage Electrical Equipment

Thorne & Derrick International, are Specialist Distributors of an extensive range of Overhead Line Equipment used to erect, construct and maintain LV-HV power lines.

We service UK DNO’s, global utilities and their contractors involved in the installation and maintenance of Overhead Transmission and Distribution power lines with electrification equipment including 33kV joints, terminations and connectors and arc flash clothing to protect linesmen and jointers against the risks and hazards associated with arc incident.

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T&D can source all your Overhead Line Equipment – we provide excellent customer service and competitive prices with UK or overseas delivery.

Overhead Line Equipment

66kV 132kV 275kV 400kV up to 765kv

Electrical Safety

Voltage Detectors ♦ Insulating Sticks ♦ Short Circuiting & Earthing ♦ Earth Clamps ♦ Phase Comparators ♦ Insulating Gloves ♦ Insulated Tools ♦ Earthing Connections ♦ MV HV EHV

Catu Electrical Safety Equipment - Voltage Detectors Portable Earthing

T&D, Largest CATU Electrical Stockist

Cutting & Crimping Tools

Copper ♦ Aluminium ♦ ACSR ♦ ACC ♦ AAAC ♦ Cutting & Crimping Tools

Hydraulic heads and battery tools for power line cutting and compression of crimping connectors, terminals and joints used in high voltage electrical transmission and distribution.

Cembre - Cutting Tools Crimping Tools Overhead Lines

T&D, Cembre Stockist

High Voltage Joints & terminations

Cable Joints ♦ Cable Terminations ♦ Sealing Ends ♦ Surge Arresters

Cable Joints Cable Terminations 3M ABB

T&D, 3M Electrical Stockist

Cable Tools

Mid Span Strippers ♦ Cable Strippers ♦ Ratchet Cable Cutters (ACSR)

➡ Also: Cable Jointing Tools MV-HV Underground Cables (Remove & Strip Sheath, Insulation, Semicon Screen)

Cable Jointing Overhead Line Tools


Pin Insulators (11kV 33kV Porcelain) ♦ Insulator Pins (Line & Pilot Pins) ♦ Cap & Pin Disc Insulators ♦ Staywire Insulators 11kV 20kV 33kV ♦ Low Voltage Insulators – Coachscrew & Reel ♦ Conductor Rail Insulators – Porcelain ♦ Toughened Glass Cap & Pin Disc Insulators


Insulator Fittings

Ball Ended Fittings ♦ Socket Ended Fittings ♦ Overhead Line Shackles ♦ Yoke Plates ♦ Links & Plates ♦ Arcing Horns ♦ Sag Adjuster Sets

Overhead Line Fittings Insulators

11kV 33kV Joints Terminations Connectors - Nexans Prysmian Pfisterer

High Voltage Joints Terminations Connectors

Credit ABB – Joint, Terminate & Connect Medium & High Voltage Cables

Thorne & Derrick

T&D are UK distributors and worldwide exporters of LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Cable Jointing, Duct Seals, Substation & Electrical Equipment – we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, jointing, substation, overhead line and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV.

Since 1985, T&D have established a solid reputation based on Service, Integrity and Trust – contact us with your enquiry.

Overhead Line Equipment

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