Earth Bars 12 Way – Wallis EBC212

Earth Bars 12 Way - Wallis EBC212

Earth Bars With Twin Disconnecting Links

Earth Bars 12 Way

Wallis EBC212

12 way earth bars with twin disconnecting links available from stock – standard 12 way earth bars with single disconnection links and tinned copper versions also available for terminating incoming and outgoing power feeder and earthing cables in LV MV HV substations and switchrooms.

Product Category Earth Bars
Sub Category Earth Bars With Twin Disconnecting Links
 920mm x 90mm x 60mm (L x W x H)
Number of Terminations & Ways: 12 with Twin Link
Unit Weight: 5.30kg
Material: Copper to BS EN 13601 (formerly BS 1432)

Tinned copper versions are available for corrosive and hazardous area locations where high oxidation levels are anticipated.

M10 x 35mm bronze stud assemblies at 50mm centres are provided for the termination of cable lugs (up to 400sqmm) or copper earth tapes (up to 50mm).

No of Ways | Cable Terminations Earth Bar Type Length Width Height AN Wallis Order Code
12 Way Standard 750mm 90mm 60mm EBC012
12 Way Single Way 835mm 90mm 60mm EBC112
12 Way Twin Links 920mm 90mm 60mm EBC212

Also: Standard Copper Earth Bars | Single Link Earth Bars

Earthing LV Networks & HV Distribution Substations

T&D can provide Earthing & Lightning Protection for low, medium and high voltage systems (distribution and transmission) – including 33kV, 11kV and 6.6kV ground and pole mounted substations and high voltage overhead lines where Earth Potential Rise (EPR) must be considered in safe Earthing/Grounding designs.

Earth Bars

Earth Bars – Standard or with single / twin disconnection links to suit all earthing requirements

Earthing - Earth Bars Tapes Rods - Copper Earth Bars

T&D distribute earth bars, earth tapes, earth rods and clamps manufactured from high conductivity copper.

Duct Seals

Duct Seals – cable sealing for LV-HV cable duct entries into substations, switchrooms and buildings.