Earth Bars With Twin Disconnecting Links

Earth Bars With Twin Disconnecting Links

Earth Bars With Twin Disconnecting Links

T&D distribute the complete range of Earth Bars that are manufactured from 50mm x 6mm hard drawn copper bar with optional twin disconnection links.

The AN Wallis Earth Bars are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Special earth bars can manufactured to meet customer requirements are also available. Recommended fixing by countersunk wood screw 11/2” x No. 12 and No. 12 wall plug.

Earth bars with twin disconnection links offer a temporary break in the connection to earth allowing the testing of an earth rod whilst disconnecting from the earthing system.

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The table enables the selection of sub copper earth bars with twin disconnecting links when specifying copper conductors for earthing and lightning protection systems.

AN Wallis Part Number Number of Ways/Terminations Earth Bar Dimensions (length x width x height)  Unit Weight
EBC206 6 570mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.10kg
EBC208 8 670mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.70kg
EBC210 10 820mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.50kg
EBC212 12 920mm x 90mm x 60mm 5.30kg
EBC214 14 1020mm x 90mm x 60mm 6.20kg
EBC216 16 1120mm x 90mm x 60mm 7.10kg
EBC218 18 1270mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.00kg
EBC220 20 1420mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.90kg
EBC222 22 1470mm x 90mm x 60mm 9.80kg
EBC224 24 1570mm x 90mm x 60mm 10.70kg
EBC226 26 1720mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.60kg
EBC228 28 1820mm x 90mm x 60mm 12.50kg
EBC230 30 1885mm x 90mm x 60mm 13.40kg

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