BOOK REVIEW | The European Arc Flash Guide By Mike Frain CEng FIET MCMI

Published 05 Nov 2021

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The European Arc Flash Guide


This publication is a must-read book which provides a practical approach to the management of arc flash risk in electrical power systems for designers, duty holders, consultants, service providers and health and safety specialists.

An arc flash can cause minor injuries, third degree burns and potential death as well as other injuries including blindness, hearing loss, nerve damage and cardiac arrest.

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This book is essential reading for anyone responsible for designing or putting workers to task on, or near, large power electrical systems. This is especially relevant where local health and safety law uses a risk-based approach to electrical safety such as in Europe.

It is based upon a bedrock of risk management methodology using the 4Ps of Predict, Prevent, Process & Protect to ensure that arc flash hazards are systematically identified, analysed, and prevented from causing harm.

Each of the 4Ps are described in detail starting with a quantitative prediction of harm from the arc flash hazard and then a separate chapter on prevention based upon practical measures to avoid or minimise harm set against a hierarchy of risk control measures.

The chapter on process, policy and procedures gives advice on a methodical approach to creating rules and ensuring competence. Finally, the chapter on protection describes, as a last resort, how personal protective equipment can be selected, used, and maintained.

This book is packed with the fruits of the author’s vast experience and there is a chapter dedicated to myths and mysteries as well as separate chapters for electrical utilities, duty holders, service providers, contractors, legislation, and data collection.

Arc Flash Guide


Book DetailsAmazon, Balboa Press & Barnes & Noble

  • ISBN-10: 1982284064
  • Publisher: Balboa Press UK
  • Publication date: 20th September 2021
  • Pages: 306
  • Dimensions: 59(w) x 27.94(h) x 2.11(d)

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  • 1 Purpose and Scope
  • 2 What is Arc Flash?
  • 3 Risk Assessments and the Four P Guide
  • 4 Prediction
  • 5 Prevention & Minimisation
  • 6 Process, Policies & Procedures
  • 7 Protection
  • 8 Data Collection
  • 9 Electrical Duty Holders
  • 10 Service Providers and Contractors
  • 11 Electrical Utilities
  • 12 Myths & Mistakes
  • 13 Complex Software Guide
  • 14 Hazard & Severity Calculators
  • 15 Why Do Arc Flash Calculations?
  • 16 Rules, Codes & Legislation

The Online European Arc Guide

Whilst the book gives you the how to manage arc flash risk, the online European Arc Guide gives you the tools to carry it out. It’s accessible from phones, tablets, and laptops which provides the tools and together with the book is a practical and valuable resource to discover and manage dangerous levels of electrical incident energy in the workplace. Click the link here –

About The Author Mike FrainMike Frain

Mike Frain is an expert for the BSI live working technical committee TC78, Convenor for the IEC arc flash working group, Project Team Leader for the IEC arc flash guidance for end users project team, vice chair of the IET Engineering Safety Policy Panel and heads up the IET arc flash working group. He has extensive experience delivering electrical safety consultancy and arc flash system studies throughout Europe and beyond for large blue-chip organisations.


  • IEC Convenor for the Arc Flash Working Group
  • IEC Team Leader for PT 902 Arc Flash Guidance
  • BSI Expert for Technical Committee 78 Live Working
  • IET Vice Chair of the Engineering Safety Policy Panel


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