3M Scotchcast Cable Joints – Your Cable Circuit Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link

Published 25 May 2018

3M Scotchcast - Powerful Cable Joints

3M Scotchcast Resins – Powerful Cable Joints

uploaded by Chris Dodds - Thorne & Derrick Sales & Marketing Manager

Selection Factors, Specification Considerations & Application Notes

Why Gamble With Your Power Supply By Installing Underspecified Cable Joints?

Cable Joint

A Failed Cable Joint

Since 1985, Thorne & Derrick International, have stocked and distributed 3M Scotchcast cable joints renowned for their field service record and dependability for the connection and repair of existing damaged cables or the extension or diversion of new cable installations.

Whether XLPE, EPR, PILC or other cable type, Scotchcast joints are the preferred option for LV power, instrumentation or control cables.

The primary purpose of any LV cable joint is to remove a damaged or faulted section of cable and re-instate the electrical performance of the jointed cable as closely as possible to the original manufactured condition.

The specification, selection and installation of Low Voltage Resin Cable Joints varies according to industry. So, without a universal methodology the selection factors are usually specific to the cable and industry. Several key factors include : cable function, cable reliability, installation application and consequential loss due to outage or downtime.

Standard resin cable joints are often inadvertently installed forming weak links in many industrial cable networks.

Scotchcast Joints

Whether by Land, Air or Sea

3M Scotchcast resin cable joints provide reliable and safe performance in the construction, rail, renewable, airfield lighting, port authority, offshore, marine, mining, utilities and hazardous area (oil, gas and petrochem) industries.

Scotchcast” has now become a byword for cable joints.

Scotchcast resins are synonymous with reliability, quality and dependability when jointing cables, whether above or below ground – a comprehensive range of jointing resins have been developed by 3M with fire resistance, flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen and hydrocarbon resistant performance.

Deep Underground 

3M Scotchcast 82-F cable joints are specified for the straight and branch jointing of flexible mining and trailing cables. Utilising flame retardant and flexible 3M Scotchcast 2131 resin with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Acceptance 07-KA060002-MSHA.

3M 82-F flexible cable joints do not impair the bend radius of frequently coiled cables – the submersible cable joints are also seawater resistant for connecting cables by divers to ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles).

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Deep Undergorund - 3M Mining Cable Joints

Seeing Beyond The Surface – Worker & Site Safety With 3M Cable Joints

Mining Cable Joints

The World’s Biggest Coalmine : Peabody Energy’s operations in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming USA. 40% of America’s coal comes out of the North Antelope Rochelle Mine. Photograph: Mae Ryan for the Guardian

Offshore Cable Joints

3M Scotchcast resin cable joints are specified by the global oil and gas exploration companies for the low voltage jointing of power, instrumentation and control cables.

3M LVI3 resin cable joints suit offshore and marine power, instrumentation and control cable (BS6883, IEEE, UL, UK00A, NEK606 BFOU RFOU types) and instrumentation cable (pair, triple, quad types) – typically used to joint and connect cables in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas to provide low voltage electricity distribution to power and lighting in potentially explosive atmospheres.

3M LVI3 joints are hydro-carbon resistant based on the specification performance of 3M Scotchcast 1402FR and resist degradation by drilling fluids (mud) – the ability of offshore topside and shipboard cable joints to withstand degradation by hydro-carbons and drilling MUD is vital avoid potential cable faults.

Hazardous Area Cable Joints

3M : Specified By Global Oil & Gas Industry

Repairing Damaged Cables

Cable damage is common offshore due to the extreme mechanical conditions caused by vibration, shock and movement on oil and gas platforms.

Overtime, EPR type rubber cable sheaths are degraded and complete cable change-out can be cost prohibitive or actually impossible.

3M LVI cable joints provide an excellent cable repair or full cable joint to damaged offshore cables preventing possible downtime caused by cable failure due to salt sea atmospheres reacting with cable braiding and conductors and causing a short circuit.

The wrap-around or snap-on 2 part type cable joint moulds permit mid-span cable repairing or jointing without requiring cable disconnection from the remote end – refer to our recent post about repairing damaged cables for further information and solutions including use of cold shrink tubes.

3M Cable Joints

3M Cable Joints are installed on offshore oil and gas platforms, FPSO’s, FPS’s, oil tankers and carriers

With You In The Cable Trenches

3M Joints

Image : Lovink.

Bent double in a muddy hole in the ground wrestling with a post-war imperial PILC cable.

And if you’re cable jointing in the UK then it’s probably raining.

We know the score. Hence, 3M cable joints are designed by jointers for jointers.

Large shell 3M cable joints enable crimping tool access or mechanical shearbolt connector compatibility for simplified cable jointing in tight access cable trenches and cable containment.

Cross core and transition cable jointing of multi-core XLPE to PILC is enabled.

Strong impact resistant cable joints shells withstand trench backfill. Often sand backfill can be mixed with sharp stones, clay and organic detritus.

3M can cope.

Size Matters

The internal working space permitted by the cable joint shell design impacts upon the ability of the LV cable jointer to work comfortably and safely often in tough site conditions.

Ample work-room enables efficient and reliable armour bonding, cross-core jointing, transition jointing and conductor connecting.

Large cable jointing shells enable the use of mechanical shearbolt connectors, such as Pfisterer Sicon, ideal for imperial-metric-AWG connections and hydraulic crimp tool heads where close quarter working is needed.

Is The Cable Joint Shell Large Enough For The Crossing Of Phased Cores?

Whatever the Weather

Cable damage is common offshore due to the extreme mechanical conditions caused by vibration, shock and movement on oil and gas platforms. Challenging offshore weather conditions vary from brutal hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico to violent Atlantic nor’easters.

Closer to home, the North Sea UK continental shelf regularly experiences violent Force 10 storms inflicting extreme wind and wave effects on offshore assets.

3M Scotchcast Standing Out From The Crowd

3M Scotchcast low voltage cable joints are designed to ensure the installation process is simpler, quicker and safer.

Some selection and specification considerations :

  • Safety – 3M’s unique Advanced Delivery system provides integrated resin pour for the cable jointer eliminating vapour inhalation or direct skin contact
  • Simplicity – one part, wraparound cable joint shell enables rapid installation. Reduced man-hours cuts installed cost and drives labour productivity gains often during tight time schedule shutdowns
  • Reliability – eliminate or minimise cable faults

Specify and buy 3M Scotchcast cable joints for first class safety and service record without any hidden dangers.

3M Scotchcast Resin Advanced Delivery

3M Scotchcast Resin Advanced Delivery

 Just How Do 3M Do It?
  • Single Piece Cable Joint Mould Shell – simpler installation process for the cable jointer. No cutting or sawing cable mould to size. Range taking foam seals at the ends of the cable joint shells provide an excellent tight and reliable seal – this adaptable 3M cable sealing system eliminates the need for the cable jointer to cut and tape the joint shell to size. Folding cable mould meets at the top of cable joint, not along both sides reducing potential resin leakage paths. 3M cable joint moulds resist cracks or breaks even at low temperatures. Suitable for direct burial.

Why Don’t I Need To Cut 3M Cable Joint Shell To Fit The Cable?  

  • Earthing – 3M’s robust armour continuity earthing system suits both wire armoured (AWA single core and SWA multi-core), wire braided (copper and phosphur bronze) and lead sheathed cables. To avoid awkward manipulation of armour wires while trying to fit worm drive clips over the cable support rings, 3M have chosen to use constant force springs for earthing. Constant force springs offer significant advantages over “single wire type” earth continuity systems, which can fail if poorly positioned within wire armour cores that have “spread”. The flat soft copper earth braid ensures good electrical contact.
3M Scotchcast Low Voltage Resin Cable Joints

Safe & Sound With Constant Force Springs : Cable joints move and expand due to earth shift and heat from electrical current. Constant force springs react to this movement and maintain a sound electrical connection between the steel wire armouring and the earth continuity braid

  • Mechanical Connectors –  fast, simple and range-taking conductor jointing of copper and aluminium conductors, whether stranded, sectoral or solid. Suits jointing of metric, imperial and AWG conductors.
  • Resins – high quality cable jointing resin with good moisture resistance and always enough in the joint kit for the application. No need for “topping-up”.
  1. Scotchcast 1402FR Resin,  Halogen Free – for public areas where fire, smoke and toxic fumes potentially threated lives and equipment
  2. Scotchcast 1402FR Resin, Hydrocarbon Resistant – suit air exposed and contaminated ground installations
  3. Scotchcast 2131 Resin, Seawater Resistant – salt water solution resistant to ISO 175
Did You Know?

3M Scotchcast resin cable joints, typically used for 600/100 volts cables, can be up-rated for 3.3kV cable jointing.

3M Scothcast Premium Low Voltage Inline Resin Cable Joint


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