Submersible Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splices

Submersible Cable Joints - 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splicing Kits

Submersible Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splicing Kits

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Cable Joints

Flexible Submersible Power Cable Joint Kits 82-F & 82-BF Series

3M Scotchcast submersible cable joints are flexible inline and tap splices for use on non-shielded portable power cables and cords, coaxial cables, subsea umbilicals, marine and offshore shipwiring cables 600/1000v – this includes offshore power and instrumentation topsides cables to IEC/NEK606 and halogen-free mud resistant cables (BFOU and RFOU) types.

3M Scotchcast cable joint kits are used to repair, connect and joint submersible motor pump cables – this includes in both straight, branch and tap-off cable configuration.

3M Scotchcast 82-F submersible cable joints utilise Scotchcast 2131 flexible, flame retardant and seawater resistant resin and are compatible with EPR, neoprene, hypalon, PVC and nitrile cable sheaths. The Scotchcast 2131 resin for durability, flexibility, moisture sealing and flame retardancy.

3M Scotchcast 82F cable joints are suitable for seawater applications.

The Scotchcast range of resins manufactured by 3M Electrical are suitable for jointing and repairing non-armoured portable power cables and cords in both indoor and outdoor locations:

  • Weather Exposed
  • Direct Burial
  • Submerged
  • Cable Reels

The 3M Scotchcast 82-F1 and 82-F2 inline straight cable joint kits are rated up to 5kV for single conductor and up to 1kV for multiple conductors. The combined cable diameter range for these  is 0.25 – 1.2 inches (6-30mm), with a maximum single conductor size of 4/0 AWG. Typically, the inline joint kit will accommodate single-conductor 120sqmm cables.

The 3M Scotchcast 82-BF1 branch tap cable joint kits can accommodate cables and cords rated up to 1000 Volts (600/2000 Volts mine portable cable rating) ranging in diameter from 0.25 – 0.8 inches (6-20mm) with a maximum single conductor size of 1/0 AWG. Typically, the branch joint kit will accommodate single-conductor 50sqmm cables.

Installation Technique For 3M 82-F & 3M 82-BF Cable Joints

Detailed Jointing Instructions are included in each cable joint kit – here is a summary of the installation steps for these cable joints:

  1. Prepare Cables – using standard industry procedures and cable jointing tools
  2. Connect Cables – use compression inline connectors for 82-F kits and compression “C” tape connectors for 82-BF1 kits
  3. Insulate Connections – use vinyl electrical tape (not required if insulated butt connectors are used)
  4. Install Mould – trim ends to accommodate the cables, Fig 1, centre over joint and tap ends to hold in place
  5. Pour Compound – mix Scotchcast 2131 resin in “Unipak” and pour into the cable joint mould
  6. Demould – when the jointing compound is filler spout is no longer tacky, trim off excess compound from filler spout
Seawater Cable Joints

The flexible Scotchcast resin allows the joint to bend with the cable for trailing, reeling and coiling applications – Scotchcast 2131 is self-curing (cold-curing) without resort to heat and heating torches. Used also for cable sheath jacket repairs.

Submersible Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF

Cable Splicing Kit Contents

  • One-piece removable cable joint mould
  • Scotchcast 2130 Compound in 3M “Unipak” container
  • 3M Scotch 23 Tape for sealing cable joint mould ends
  • 3M Three-M-lte Elek-Tro-Cut Abrasive cloth (80J grit)
  • Comprehensive Jointing instructions showing proper installation techniques for splicing non-shielded portable power cables and cords

The 3M Scotchcast 82-F & 82-BF Series of flexible cable joints suit the following cable sheath/jacket materials:

  • Neoprene
  • Hypalon
  • Nitrile | PVC
  • PVC
  • EPR
  • Urethane

Submersible Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF

Cable Splicing Kits Features & Benefits

  • MSHA Accepted – carries Mine Safety and Health Administration acceptance 07-KA060002-MSHA
  • 3M Scotchcast Flame-Retardant Compound 2131 – self-curing resin bonds to itself and most modern cable jackets, and requires no torch or other external heat source; forms a splice or repair that is abrasion resistant and flame retardant
  • Semi-flexible cable compound – allows “permanent” splice to bend with cable; for installation, handling, reeling, etc.
  • Smooth tapered cable splice profile – eliminates cable hang-ups and splice end-lifting
Submersible Cable Joints - 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splicing Kits

Submersible Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splicing Kits

3M Cable Splicing Kit Number Cable O.D Range inches (mm) Cable Connector Type No. of Conductors Connection Max. O.D. inches (mm) Voltage Rating (Max. V.) Conductor Size Range (AWG)
82-FI 0.25-0.80 (6-20) Compression Inline 1 0.62 (16) connector 5000 6-1/0
Multi 0.90 (23) connector bundle 1000* **
82-F2 0.80-1.20 (20-30) Compression Inline 1 0.82 (21) connector 5000 2/0-4/0
Multi 1.30 (33) connector bundle 1000* **
82-BF1 0.25-0.80 (6-20) Compression “C” Tap 1 1000* up to 1/0
Multi 1000* **

*Mine portable cable rating of 600/2000 Volts.
**Base multi-conductor selection on cable O.D. range.

Typical Dimensions of Cable Joints

3M Cable Joint Kit Joint Kit Type L D H W
3M 82-F1 Inline Straight 203mm 29mm
3M 82-F2 Inline Straight 292mm 40mm
3M 82-BF1 Branch Tap 211mm 56mm 28mm

Cable Joints

Thorne & Derrick supply cable splicing and cable jointing kits to ROVs and surface vessels including Scorpion, Scorpio, Voyager, SCV, Examiner, Solo, Triton, Triton XL, Sprint, Recon, MRV, Innovator, Trojan, Seaowl, Seahawk, Hercules, Demon and Boxer – we can also supply flexible cable joints for underwater vehicles such as Capjet, Flexjet, Gater, Marlin, Mako, PL2, ST200 and other trenching machines.

Submersible Cable Joints

3M Scotchcast Cable Joints For Underwater Seismic Cables

Thorne & Derrick worked with the Chief Navigator of Polarcus DMCC specifying and supplying 3M Scotchcast 82-F1 cable splices for underwater and submersible cable jointing of flexible marine cables on their streamer seismic vessels – this included the Polarcus Asima, the first true Arctic ready seismic vessel.

3M Scotchcast 82F and 82BF flexible inline and branch cable joints suit single core conductor cables up to 120sqmm and 50sqmm for branch jointing – also suitable for cable jointing neoprene reeling cables and subsea camera cables for diving surveys.

Who are Polarcus ?

Polarcus is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of wide-azimuth technologies – the fleet of seismic recording vessels is the most versatile in the industry, providing the resources to undertake any towed-streamer marine wide-azimuth project.

What are Seismic Vessels ?

Seismic vessels are ships that are solely used for the purpose of seismic survey in the high seas and oceans. A seismic vessel is used as a survey vessel for the purpose of pinpointing and locating the best possible area for oil drilling in the middle of the oceans.

Cable Joints

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