A60 H120 Pipework Fire Protection For Offshore Bulkheads & Decks

Published 29 Jan 2019

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Sealing Cables & Pipes Offshore

A flexible pipe penetration sealing system, using NOFIRNO, for single or multiple metallic and GRP pipe applications, providing fire protection in A60 to H120 and uninsulated A0 and H0 bulkheads and decks. The NOFIRNO sealing system will reduce vibration, stress and cathodic corrosion and is age tested to prove 50 years of cable and pipe sealing protection.

NOFIRNO is also proven to provide a blast rating and fire protection during a 2 hour jet fire test and will ensure watertight integrity even after exposure to a 1 hour (A60) fire.

NOFIRNO Flexible Pipe Sealing System is one of the most adaptive systems for sealing straight and angled pipe penetrations and can even accommodate multiple pipe runs. The system is NOFIRNOdesigned to maintain the safety of vessels providing fire protection and ensuring bulkheads and decks remain gas and watertight when pipes need to pass through them. It consists of only two components: NOFIRNO sealant; a silicone based fire resistant, water repellent sealant and NOFIRNO multi-filler sleeves, supplied in bonded strips to make the system easy to install.


NOFIRNO – A Brand of CSD Sealing Systems | Distributed by Thorne & Derrick

A60 H120 Fire Resistance

Some Technical Guidance

The NOFIRNO system from CSD Sealing Systems is tested against fire resistance to both A (A60) and H (H120) Classification – the temperature regime in the furnace during an A-Class fire is similar to that of a cellulose fire and during an H-Class fire similar to that of an oil fire. In a H-Class fire the increase in temperature is much faster than that of an A-Class fire. The cable penetration must be tested both Vertically and Horizontally in order to be approved for general usage by the leading certifying authorities.

Fire Protection Integrity

The integrity of the cable penetration must be maintained throughout the test period (A60 A-Class 60 Minutes, H120 H-Class 120 Minutes) – the occurrence of flaming on the unexposed face or ignition of a cotton wool pad applied to any gap or fissure that appears in the test specimen constitutes a loss of integrity.


The limit of temperature increase on the non fire side of the penetration is stipulated in EN 1366-3 or IMO A754(18). The maximum acceptable temperature increase at any point on the penetration during the test is 180 °C. An approved fire test gives the penetration a classification where the fire is specified (A-H-Class Fire) and the time for which the penetration was able to resist the fire in respect of the maximum allowed temperature increase on the non fire side of the penetration (180°C).

For example, a penetration that withstands an H-Class fire for 120 minutes is classed as H120 and a penetration that withstands an A-Class fire for 60 minutes is classed A60.

Fire Classes

If the 180 °C temperature increase is not exceeded during the stipulated time the penetration is approved and can be classified.

* A0 and H0 relates to no temperature restriction on the non-fire side. H0-400 °C relates to a restriction of 400°C maximum temperature increase on the non-fire side. A0-H0 and H0-400 °C must also meet the division integrity requirements, not allowing cracks or opening to develop through which flames or hot gasses can pass.

Class Fire Test Requirements Attained
Integrity (minutes) Insulation (minutes)
A0 60 0*
A15 60 15
A30 60 30
A60 60 60
H0 120 0*
H0-400 C 120 120*
H60 120 60
H120 120 120
J15 60 15
J30 60 30
J45 60 45
J60 60 60


A60 & H120 Fire Rating

NOFIRNO is for A0 – A60, H0 – H120, Jet Fire, Blast, Watertight & Gastight ratings:

• Simplified design through standardisation of all bulkhead penetrations and a significant reduction in components
• Allows design changes without the need for additional hotwork
• Space reduction
• Faster installation
• Allows for misalignment of pipe work due to build tolerances
• Significant reduction in number of pipe spools
• Vibration stress and cathodic corrosion reduced increasing the life of pipe systems and reducing the failure rate
• Easy replacement of pipe systems
• Vibration & noise reduction – reducing noise signature
• Significant weight saving over bulkhead fittings making more energy efficient

Jet Fire Testing

NOFIRNO – Jet Fire Testing For Cable Duct & Pipe Penetration Sealing Systems

Fire Performance A60

• Certified for use in A60 boundaries (A60 – min length 180mm), tested & approved without any insulation for A0 applications, (A0 – min length 250mm)
• Proven watertight even after A60 fire test
• 2 hour hydrocarbon fire test – both with and without insulation, rated H0 and H120
• 2 hour Jet Fire test – with no additional insulation
• Shock tested to 850g to DEF STAN 08-120 including post test pressure test to 6.9 bar
• Blast rated sealing system
• Low Smoke and Toxicity – DEF STAN 02-711 and DEF STAN 02-713


NOFIRNO is for A0 – A60, H0 – H120, Jet Fire, Blast, Watertight & Gastight Ratings. INSTALLATION GUIDE.


Some further benefits of the sealing system include:

• Ensuring ATEX, DSEAR & WIMES compliance
• Age tested to prove 50 years of sealing protection
• Quick and easy to install in both horizontal and vertical cable ducts
• Easy re-entry for adding, removing or replacing cables LV MV HV
• Installed in any sized or shaped opening, penetration or duct
• Resistant to submersion in petrol and diesel
• Resistant to methane, hydrogen sulphide and chlorine
• Suitable for trefoil and large diameter 11kV/33kV power cables
• Prevents rat and rodent ingress into low, medium and high voltage substations

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Sealing Pipes, Cables & Ducts Using NORFIRNO

Watertight & Gastight Sealing For Building Entries & Cable Duct Terminations

A simple and long term solution designed for sealing cable ducts and building entries against ingress of water, gas or flooding – the NOFIRNO system is used extensively across the utilities and construction sectors to protect LV MV HV electrical substations, equipment rooms and cabinets, wind turbines and critical infrastructure.



Some site installation photographs of NOFIRNO  ➡ 

NOFIRNO Cable Pipe Sealing Systems & Transits NOFIRNO Cable Pipe Sealing Systems & Transits NOFIRNO Cable Pipe Sealing Systems & Transits NOFIRNO Cable Pipe Sealing Systems & Transits

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