Festoon Cable Joints For Flat Gantry Cranes (Multicore Power | Multipair Control)

Published 20 Nov 2017

Cable Joints - Heat Shrink Cold Shrink Resin Joints

Heat Shrink Cable Joints

  • Product Category: Cable Joints Low Voltage LV
  • Cable Joint Type: Heat Shrink | Cold Shrink | Resin Cast
  • Cable Voltage: Low Voltage | Medium Voltage | High Voltage | 600V 1000V (0.6/1kV)
  • Cable Joint Manufacturer: SPS
  • Cable Manufacturer: Conductix-Wampfler
  • Cable Type: Cable Festoon Systems (Multicore & Multipair)
  • Flexible Stranded Bare Copper Conductor (DIN 5787), XLPE Cable Insulation (IEC 60502-1), Bare Copper Braid Screen, PVC Outer Sheath (Black)

Festoon Cable Joints –  Application Notes

Cable Joint Installation Instruction

Heat shrink cable joints were supplied to replace faulted sections of the low voltage festoon cables which were cut out from the circuit using cable cutters and re-jointed to provide electricity supply to offshore cranes.

The festoon cables powering bridge brakes and pictured below suffered from severe cable sheath damage and corrosion damage due to salt-water atmospheric conditions associated with offshore environments.

The catenary cables terminated into ExD electrical enclosures and located in a hazardous area zone were jointed under special permit conditions to allow the electrical engineers to “hot-work” the installation of heat shrink type cable joints – the joints were kitted and despatched same day for air freighting offshore to a North Sea offshore oil platform.

The heat shrink tube components of the cable joint conform with flat design multi-core power and multipair control cables with copper tape screens – running through the cable trolley system the client required a high strength cable joint.

The heat shrink joints were supplied with pre-insulated crimp connectors, manufactured by Cembre, crimped in a staggered formation to limit the area displacement and overall diameter of the completed cable joint.

Cable Joint

Cable joints with heat shrink tubes repair damaged power and control cables without need to handle hazardous classification resins or compounds

The multicore flat cable for power supply and control of overhead travelling cranes and festoons is available as fire retardant specification with reduced emission of corrosive gases and opaque fumes in event of fire (IEC 60754-1) – zero halogen cable joints are also available.

Festoon cable joints are often deployed as interim measures to enable continued power supply where specialist replacement cables are on extended delivery lead times from the manufacturer.

Conductix-Wampfler Festoon Cable Joints (Multicore Multipair) 1

The festoon cables were subjected to mechanical damage while in service and required a smooth profile cable joint suitable for flat form cables and reeling trolley systems

Conductix-Wampfler Festoon Cable Joints (Multicore Multipair) 2

Festoon cable joints utilise adhesive lined heat shrink protective tubings to provide a waterproof cable seal with excellent mechanical protection

Conductix-Wampfler Festoon Cable Joints (Multicore Multipair) 3

The heats shrink cable joints re-instate the primary insulation and cable jacket sheath to prevent water ingress and corrosion damage to copper braid armour or screening in onshore or offshore locations


Conductix-Wampfler is a world leading supplier of intelligent energy supply and data transmission cable systems for moving machinery – this includes festoon systems, conductor rails, energy guiding chains, spring cable reels, motorised cable reels, slip ring assemblies and contactless power transmission systems.

Cable Joints Festoon Cables

Festoon Cable Joints

T&D also distribute Protolon Cables for medium voltage flexible trailing applications

Cable Joints

Thorne & Derrick International can specify and supply standard and bespoke LV cable joints utilising heat shrink, cold shrink or resin cast type jointing kits.

Should you have a specific application for LV, MV, HV up to 33kV cable joints please contact us. For further information:

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