Fire Resistant Blanket – Protecting LV MV HV Cables & Joints Against Fire

Published 01 Feb 2018

Fire Resistant Blanket - Nexans NX-FIRE

Fire Resistant Blanket – Nexans NX-FIRE

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Nexans Fire Resistant Cable Blanket is a cable joint protection cover with belts designed to be used with LV, MV or HV joints and cables in applications where low smoke emission and resistance to fire is needed. The Nexans Fire Protection Kit is designed for easy installation due to the belt design, open shape and “wrap-around” installation application.

The fire resistant cable blanket is designed with different layers of material to withstand high temperatures and is suitable to protect low, medium and high voltage cables from the destructive effects of fire. No specialist tools are required to install the fire blanket – simply manually lift, tighten and fasten the lightweight blanket onto the cables.

All materials included in the Nexans Fire Protection Kit are classified as low smoke emission and halogen free.

Protecting LV MV HV Cables & Joints Against Fire

Protecting LV MV HV Cables & Cable Joints Against Fire

Nexans NX Fire blanket has been approved by ENEL and is available in different sizes and lengths upon request to suit cable outside diameters 20-300mm.

Nexans NX Fire – Technical Data

Nexans Part Number D Min (mm) D Max (mm) Length (mm) Side 1 Side 2
NX-FIRE 1.11 20 85 1100 1 Core 1 Core
NX-FIRE 2.11 50 170 1600 1 Core 1 Core
NX-FIRE 3.11 100 300 2000 1 Core 1 Core
NX-FIRE 2.13* 50 170 1600 1 Core 3 Core
NX-FIRE 3.13* 100 300 2000 1 Core 3 Core

*Special version for transition cable joints. Available upon request

Fire Resistant Blanket – Application

Fire Resistant Blanket Placed At The Centre Of Cable Joint Wrap The Cover Around The Cable Joint Tighten The Belts
1. Position the fire resistant blanket at the centre of the cable joint or cable 2. Wrap the fire resistant cover around the cable joint or cable 3. Tighten the belts to ensure that the fire protection blanket is held firmly in place onto the LV-MV-HV cable


Onshore or Offshore

Used to protect both onshore and offshore cables, including offshore cable joints where marine and offshore cables and joints in fixed installations for power circuits, emergency lighting systems and fire alarm systems must provide continued service in fire conditions.

The product is cold-applied without need to resort to “hot-work” permit applications to carry out cable repair, jointing or protection in potentially explosive atmospheres or hazardous area locations.

Underground Or Overground

Suitable to provide fire protection to fire hazard safety cables in the rail industry – including sub-surface, tunnels or station level including power cables for low voltage lighting, fire detection, emergency, signalling and auxiliary circuits.

International Standards

The fire resistant blanket has been tested according to the following international standards:

  • IEC 60332-3-22 cat. A (fire propagation test)
  • IEC 60331-11 & 21 (fire resistance test)
  • BS 6387 cat. C (fire resistance test)
  • IEC 61034-1&2 (low smoke emission)
  • BS EN50268-2:2000 / BS 6853:1999 Annex B.2 (Low Smoke and Toxic emissions)


To support the installation of MV-HV cables, T&D distribute the Nexans Power Cable Accessory range – this includes heat shrink terminations and cold shrink cable joints and the Euromold range of screened separable connectors extensively installed to terminate MV-HV power cables.

  • Slip-on Cable Terminations
  • Cold-shrink Cable Terminations
  • Heat-shrink Cable Terminations
  • Cable Joints – Heat & Cold-shrink
  • Separable Connectors (Euromold)
  • Surge Arresters & Switchgear/Transformer Bushings

MV-HV Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors suitable for connecting, repairing and extending 11kV and 33kV high voltage power cable circuits.

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