How To Lace Up Cable Socks By Slingco

Published 22 Dec 2020

Reposition or support connected cable or conductor with lace up grips

Reposition or support connected cable with lace up cable socks

Lace Up Cable socks

How do you pull cable or pipe when the exposed end is not available? How can you add support to a wire or conductor that is already connected? How do you take slack out of cable without disconnecting it?

A great way is to use a Slingco lace-up or rod-closing sock.

You can pull or support cable, wire or pipe at any point quickly and easily with a lace-up or rod-closing cable sock from Slingco.

Lace-up cable socks are an excellent support and pulling solution when the end of the cable or wire is not available, or for when a connection is already made but added support is needed. A lace-up cable sock can add support or pull conductor anywhere along the wire.

If you need to remove some slack from a LV MV HV cable that is in place, just use a lace-up sock to grab the cable and provide pulling leverage.

Lacing up a sock is safe, easy and quick. Slingco offers open weave cable socks in lace-up or rod-closing styles for a wide variety of cable ranges and strengths.

Slingco Cable Socks

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Simple instructions for installing a lace-up Cable sock


Start the lacing from the ‘eye’ end or anchoring end of the cable sock.


Thread the lace through the first two loops of the split and pull through until the laces are centred at this point.


Don’t pull the lace too tight at this stage. Leave a space between adjoining loops roughly equal to the width of one diamond of the mesh.


Continue down the length of the cable sock. Try to maintain equal tension and equal spacing throughout as this leads to a more stable and equal sock.


As you continue down the length, pull the open sides of the cable sock as wide apart as required.


Try to achieve an even and neat lace-up as this assists with the strength of the sock when pulling.


Finally, tie the ends of the lace once or twice round the end of the cable sock twisting the ends together securely. Excess lace can be cut off.


Add any additional support as required – banding is recommended. The Slingco cable sock is now ready to use.

PLEASE NOTE: The images shown here use double weave cable socks. When lacing single weave cable socks please use single wire lace; use double-laced for double weave cable socks; and use triple-laced for triple weave cable socks.

Slingco Cable Socks

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