Lace Up Cable Socks – A Guide For Users When Pulling Cables

Published 26 Jun 2018

Cable Socks

Cable Socks | Temporary Strain Relief LV MV HV Cable Pulling

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The following short article has been provided as guidance for the use of cable socks – specifically lace-up cable socks are used to pull and support cables mid-span and employed where a fitting or connector prevents a standard single or double-eye type cable sock from being slipped onto the open cable end.

Lace-up cable socks are typically used to “pull-in” and support electricity cables in a vertical or sloping position and is also ideally suited for use in manholes where the longitudinal movement of cables, caused by road vibration, needs to be monitored and checked.

Cable socks are a temporary use product not designed for fixed permanent location.

Using Cable Socks

  1. Start the lacing from the ‘eye’ end or anchoring end of the cable sock
  2. Thread the lace through the first two loops of the split and pull through until the laces are centered at this point
  3. Don’t pull the lace too tight at this stage. Leave a space between adjoining loops roughly equal to the width of one diamond of the mesh
  4. Continue down the length of the cable sock. Try to maintain equal tension and equal spacing throughout as this leads to a more stable and equal grip
  5. As you continue down the length, pull the open sides of the sock as wide apart as required
  6. Try to achieve an even and neat lace-up as this assists with the strength of the sock when pulling cables
  7. Finally, tie the ends of the lace once or twice round the end of the cable sock twisting the ends together securely. Excess lace can be cut off
  8. Add any additional support as required – banding is recommendedCable Socks

Where cables must be pulled through ducts cable lubricant is recommended to reduce friction damage to cable sheaths and ensure a smooth and low-tension installation without inflicting damage to the cables.

Cable socks are manufactured in galvanised steel, stainless steel or non-conductive (Aramid) material – the socks can be used with swivel links which are cable pulling fittings attached between the sock and the draw rope to reduce twisting.

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