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Published 04 Nov 2019

JTS Triple Wall Heat Shrink Joints

JTS Triple Wall Heat Shrink Joints

Reliability & Safety at Reduced Cost

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A modern generation of MV Heat Shrink Joint has been developed by Nexans for the UK utility and contracting industry – the primary application is for the jointing of 11kV BS7870 Triplex type medium voltage cables.

Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) and Power Contractors now have a credible option to ensure they obtain the most competitive 11kV jointing product prices without compromising quality.


The JTS cable jointing system now provides the most cost-competitive option to power contractors: the cable joints manufactured by Nexans, “The Global Expert in Cables & Cable Systems” are tested in accordance to CENELEC HD629.1.

The internationally recognised quality standard ensures power system reliability and outage reductions when installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions by Competent cable jointers.

The cable joints include high quality heat shrink tubes and components – the JTS range suits polymeric cables (XLPE & EPR), single core (up to 1600sqmm) with copper wire screens and voltage 11kV (Umax 24kV).

11kV Joint

    • Outer Heat Shrink Tube
    • Triple Heat Shrink Tube (Stress Control | Insulation | Conductive)
    • Sealing & Stress Relief Mastic
    • Shearbolt Mechanical Connectors


Triple Wall Heat Shrink

Single Tube with Triple Function

Traditionally, heat shrink joints required several separate stages for the installation of the complete cable joint with multiple layers of heat shrink tubes needed to provide stress control, insulation and conductive functions – the labour intensive jointing procedure introduced increased risks of jointer error including tube misalignment and flamework deficiencies (scorching of tubes by overheating).

The Triple Wall design of the JTS Joint reduces installation times with corresponding labour savings.

The triple extruded heat shrink tube with integrated stress control provides compact installation with reduced components and excellent water sealing for direct burial into underground cable trench.


Mechanical connectors are included for fast jointing of conductors without resort to hydraulic crimping tools and associated die sets.

Stocked and distributed in the UK, the cable joints are now available from Thorne & Derrick with complete technical support, fast quote service and next-day delivery.

Jointer Competency Training can be booked via Thorne & Derrick and obtained from the Nexans Training Centre | Normanton | West Yorkshire WF6 1TR

The kits include clear step-by-step Jointing Instructions – Competency Certification can be issued, contact us.

Triplex Joints & Terminations

Nexans manufactured Cable Accessories are in extensive service throughout the UK DNO power grid – the Euromold brand of separable connectors are approved and are approved by several DNO/IDNO operators dependent on the product, voltage and network.

Nexans joints and terminations are increasingly preferred and adopted by NERS Accredited Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) working on 11kV private networks.

Thorne & Derrick have an International Distribution Agreement with Nexans Power Accessories UK and are their main stockists and suppliers for their range of Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations up to 33kV.

Cable Terminations

Nexans MONOi heat shrink cable terminations are a one-piece co-extruded anti-track (red) and stress control tube for connection and terminating 11kV BS7870-4-10 Triplex Cables 95-300sqmm into medium voltage electrical equipment.

Specification & Installation Instructions For Jointers

TERMINATIONS TRIPLEX Download Specification


JOINTS TRIPLEX Download Specification

JOINTS TRIPLEX Jointing Instruction

Disclaimer: This document – Jointing Instruction – is a sample instruction to be used for reference only and is for a specific cable, the relevant instruction will change as per the cable specification it is to be used on.

Thorne & Derrick

Nexans Main UK Stockist & Distributor

Contact us for Competitive Prices & Fast Delivery from Stocks for Heat Shrink, Cold Shrink & EPDM Rubber Connectors, Joints & Terminations up to 66kV.

Go to our Price List and contact us with your enquiries.

Joints Terminations

Heat Shrink Cable Accessories for 11kV Triplex Cables

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