Nexans Euromold Connectors : EPDM Rubber Screened Separable Connectors For Medium Voltage Cables

Published 16 Mar 2020

Nexans Euromold

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Nexans Connectors

Euromold Connectors

Nexans Euromold screened separable connectors for terminating medium voltage (MV) polymeric cables onto switchgear and transformer bushings are made from EPDM rubber – EPDM is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a non-conjugated diene.

The resultant hydrocarbon-based elastomer has all the advantages of general purpose rubbers but EPDM rubber performance levels excel in electrical strength and resistance to environmental conditions.

Euromold 400TE

Ozone Corona Resistance

Both EPDM and silicone rubbers used in Nexans Euromold Connectors, Cable Terminations & Joints are resistant to ozone attack – outstanding resistance to corona is due to the ability of EPDM rubber cable connectors, cable joints and cable terminations to withstand ozone and other chemical compounds formed by the discharge as well as its resistance to heat. The excellent fitting due to low hardness of silicone rubber provides excellent corona values.

Resistance To The Environment

Nexans Euromold EPDM rubber screened separable connectors, cable joints and cable terminations have properties comparable with the best speciality elastomers in resistance to weather. Accelerated life and salt spray tests suggested excellent properties which have been proven in practice by more than 35 years experience in widely varied applications in the medium voltage (MV) cable installations. Silicone rubber cable joints and cable terminations have outstanding resistance to weather in aggressive environments (industrial, coastal, desert, offshore).

Resistance To Water

Water has limited effect on Nexan Euromold Screened Separable Connectors manufactured from EPDM rubber – even prolonged immersion in hot water results in minimal loss of tensile strength. Tests also show a very low degree of water absorption – silicone rubbers retain their surface hydrophobicity which is a considerable advantage for outdoor medium voltage cable connecting, jointing and terminating applications.

Resistance To Mechanical Abuse

400LR Nexans Euromold - Interface B - Elbow Connector

Nexans Euromold EPDM rubber screened separable connectors have good resistance to compression, cutting, impact, tearing and abrasion over a wide temperature range.

EPDM Rubber Properties

  • Fully screened, touchable and provide safe cable connection termination for personnel working on MV cable terminations
  • Fully watertight, fully submersible Nexans Euromold connectors can be used to connect and terminate outdoor MV medium voltage cables
  • Compatible with bushing interfaces A-F
  • Designed to terminate MV medium voltage cables at 6.6kV, 11kV, 24kV, 33kV, 42kV
  • Nexans Euromold connectors can be energised immediately after installation onto the medium voltage bushing

Who is Nexans Euromold?

Nexans Connectors

Nexans is the leading European specialised designer, manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated cable accessories for medium voltage energy distribution. Under its trade names Nexans and Euromold, it provides a complete range of accessories for underground cables: pre-moulded EPDM rubber connectors and silicone terminations for cables and epoxy bushings for transformers and switchgear, as well as a large range of cold shrink and heat shrinkable terminations and joints from 12kV to 42kV.

Video : Nexans Euromold 430TB High Voltage Tee Connector 12kV-36kV 

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