MONObox Access Chambers

MONObox Access Chamber

MONObox Access Chambers

Monobox chambers | Cubis STAKKAbox

MONObox™ is Cubis‘ range of single piece, structural preformed Access Chambers. Each chamber is produced in a single piece to allow the installer to very quickly and easily place the chamber, connect ducts and back-fill.

The MONObox range does not require a frame to keep the cover in place as all are designed to fit the cover directly.

Cubis Monobox Access Chambers

Carson Monobox Access Chambers Polyvault Access Chambers



Cubis POLYvault is a modular design suitable for foot-way installations: while the Carson range has been used extensively for housing irrigation valve equipment.

Thorne & Derrick distribute a range of Access Chambers to meet your specific requirements.

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Protection of Cables Against Water Ingress (Flood), Gas Migration (Explosion) & Fire

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