Composite Access Cover

Composite Access Cover


Access Covers

With a large range of access covers to compliment our access chamber systems, individual needs can be met with a bespoke cable protection combination.

Cubis AX-S™ Composite covers offer a lightweight solution with no reduction in loading performance. A wide range of sizes can be manufactured utilising multi-cover frames, with options for bespoke customer badging.

AX-S™ Composite covers are designed for use with STAKKAbox™ Modula chambers

How do access covers work? Cubis access covers are used in combination with access chamber systems to protect the infrastructure networks below. A suitable frame with additional cross pieces are fitted to the chamber top. The AX-S™ Composite covers are then placed carefully into the frame, with grommets added in the lifting points and the cover secured using supplied screws.

Composite Access Chamber Cover Installation

Composite Cover Installation

Access Covers

Composite Access Cover

Features & Benefits

Variable Sizes

Composite Covers can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, bespoke to unique requirements. Cross-beams and cross-pieces can be used to build multi cover units.

Bespoke Identity

Covers can be badged with bespoke information to enable easy identification by operatives.

Access Cover For Safety

When it comes to keeping infrastructures safe, composite access covers are a perfect solution. Covers are subtle and disguised as to deter attention from thieves. This eliminated the cost of additional safety measures such as the guarding of open chambers. AX-S™ Composite access covers are fitted with bolt-down locking which can be specified to the end user’s requirements – preventing access to the infrastructure network below.

Long lifespan

Cubis access covers have log lifespans, reducing costs for replacements by the end user.


An anti-slip design results in a more efficient system, with this access cover featuring a non-slip tread pattern, exceeding a Slip Resistance Value of 80. Covers can also be easily removed due to its lightweight nature of under 30 kg.

Accessible Access Cover

Permeable to Radio Waves, the composite access cover allows for telemetry readings to take place easily, without removing the cover.

Composite Access Covers How It Works

How The Composite Cover Works

Covers are fitted into a suitable frame from the Cubis range of access chambers. Network infrastructures are then protected with a tamper-proof system. Being under 30kg, the composite cover’s lightweight properties make it easy to install and remove when needed.

AX-S™ frames are manufactured to meet the exact specification of each project. The range has been developed to offer installers tailored solutions to problems experienced on site.

AX-S™ Composite covers meet the vertical load classes of A15, B125 and C250 set by EN124. 

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Composite Cover MaterialMaterials

GRP & Rolled Steel Access Covers

The frames, covers and cross pieces are manufactured from rolled steel section in compliance with BS1449 and galvanised in compliance with BS EN ISO 1461.

Covers are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP).




Composite Cover SizesComposite Cover Sizes

Composite covers are available in a range of standard sizes as well as available as bespoke covers using cross-beams and cross-pieces, to build multi-cover units, with options in security and badging.





Access Cover Load Rating

Load Rating

AX-S™ Composite covers meet the vertical load classes of A15, B125 and C250 set by EN124. 

A15: Suitable for: pedestrians only areas

B125: Suitable for: footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or parking decks.

C250: Suitable for: kerbside channels




Access Cover

Technical Specification

Cover Size


Product Code

300 x 300 A157.8.0 kgFCCOMP-03000300-CR00*A**1
600 x 450 A1521.0 kgFCCOMP-06000450-CR00*A**1
600 x 600 A1524.6 kgFCCOMP-06000600-CR00*A**1
800 x 800 A1568.4 kgFCCOS2-08000800-CR00*A**4
900 x 600 A1538.4 kgFCCOMP-09000600-CR00*A**2
1000 x 1000 A1598.9 kgFCCOS7-10001000-CR00*A**4
1200 x 1200 A15100.6 kgFCCOS3-12001200-CR00*A**4
1220 x 1220 A15100.0 kgFCCOMP-12201220-CFRM*A**4
1310 x 850 A1595.0 kgFCCOMP-13100850-CR00*A**6
1500 x 900 A15109.0 kgFCCOMP-15000900-CSRA*A**6
1900 x 1200 A15158.6 kgFCCOS4-19001200-CR00*A**6
2000 x 1000 A15161.0 kgFCCOMP-20001000-CRRS*A**8
2900 x 1200 A15283 kgFCCOMP-29001200-CRRS*A**+
3000 x 1500 A15353 kgFCCOMP-30001500-CSRS*A**+
 5200 x 1400 A15542 kgFCCOMP-52001400-CRRS*A**+
 300 x 300 B1257.8 kgFCCOMP-03000300-CR00*B**1
 450 x 300 B12512.3 kgFCCOMP-04500300-CR00*B**1
 450 x 450 B12517.4 kgFCCOMP-04500450-CR00*B**1
 500 x 500 B12531.9 kgFCCOS1-05000500-CR00*B**1
 530 x 380 B12525.6 kgFCCOMP-05300380-CSRS*B**1
 600 x 450 B12522.6 kgFCCOMP-06000450-CR00*B**1
 600 x 600 B12528.4 kgFCCOMP-06000600-CR00*B**1
 750 x 750 B12590.1 kgFCCOMP-07500750-CR00*B**4
 800 x 800 B12582.9 kgFCCOS2-08000800-CR00*B**4
 900 x 600 B12545 kgFCCOMP-09000600-CR00*B**2
 900 x 900 B12584.7 kgFCCOMP-09000900-CR00*B**4
 915 x 445 B12538.7 kgFCCO04-09150445-CRFF*B**2
 915 x 610 B12549.4 kgFCCOMP-09150610-CR00*B**2
 915 x 915 B12585 kgFCCOMP-0915915-CR00*B**4
 1000 x 1000 B125101.7 kgFCCOS7-10001000-CR00*B**4
 1200 x 600 B12592.2 kgFCCOMP-12000600-CR00*B**2
 1200 x 900 B125108.2 kgFCCOMP-12000900-CR00*B**4
 1200 x 1200 B125129.3 kgFCCOS3-12001200-CR00*B**4
 1300 x 1300 B125200 kgFCCOMP-13001300-CRRS*B**9
 1310 x 610 B12566.9 kgFCCO06-13100610-CSR7*B**3
 1310 x 850 B125127.4 kgFCCOMP-13100850-CR00*B**6
 1500 x 900 B125142 kgFCCOMP-15000900-CRRS*B**6
 1500 x 1000 B125165.9 kgFCCOMP-15001000-CRRS*B**6
 1500 x 1500 B125225.0 kgFCCOMP-15001500-CR00*B**9
 1600 x 1600 B125297 kgFCCOMP-16001600-CRRS*B**9
 1800 x 900 B125163 kgFCCOMP-18000900-CRRS*B**6
 1800 x 1800 B125328 kgFCCOMP-18001800-CRRS*B**9
 1900 x 600 B12599 kgFCCOMP-19000600-CRRS*B**4
 1900 x 1200 B125216.2 kgFCCOS4-19001200-CR00*B**6
 2000 x 1000 B125258 kgFCCOMP-20001000-CRRS*B**8
 2500 x 1200 B125320 kgFCCOS5-25001200-CR00*B**8
 2900 x 1200 B125384 kgFCCOMP-29001200-CRRS*B**+
 3000 x 1200 B125352.2 kgFCCOMP-30001200-CR00*B**+
 5000 x 1000 B125582 kgFCCOMP-50001000-CRRS*B**+
 300 x 300 C25019.5 kgFCCOMP-03000300-CR00*C**1
 445 x 445 C25033.0 kgFCCOMP-04450445-CF***C**1
 450 x 300 C25019.6 kgFCCOMP-04500300-80HS*C**1
 450 x 450 C25024.1 kgFCCO45-04500450-80HS*C**1
 600 x 450 C25037.2 kgFCCO01-06000450-80HS*C**1
 600 x 600 C25041.5 kgFCCO66-06000600-CSHT*C**1
 900 x 900 C250131.0 kgFCCOMP-09000900-CR00*C**4
 915 x 610 C25088.2 kgFCCOMP-09150610-CR00*C**2
 915 x 915 C250127.5 kgFCCOMP-09150915-CR00*C**4
 1000 x 600 C250101.3 kgFCCOMP-10000600-CRRS*C**2
 1000 x 1000 C250165 kgFCCOS7-10001000-CR00*C**4
 1200 x 1200 C250173.6 kgFCCOS3-12001200-CR00*C**4
 1310 x 850 C250168.1 kgFCCOMP-13100850-CR00*C**6
 1500 x 900 C250224 kgFCCOMP-15000900-CRRS*C**6
 1700 x 1700 C250391 kgFCCOMP-17001700-CRRS*C**9
 1800 x 900 C250244.2 kgFCCOMP-18000900-CR00*C**6
 1800 x 1800 C250443.0 kgFCCOMP-18001800-CRRS*C**9
 1900 x 1200 C250342 kgFCCOS4-19001200-CR00*C**6
 2000 x 1500 C250483 kgFCCOMP-20001500-CSRS*C**+
 2500 x 1200 C250430 kgFCCOS5-25001200-CRRS*C**8
 2500 x 1500 C250533.1 kgFCCOMP-25001500-CSRS*C**+
 2500 x 2500 C250791.1 kgFCCOMP-25002500-CRRS*C**+
 2700 x 900 C250364.6 kgFCCOMP-27000900-CRRS*C**8+


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