12 Cal Arc Flash Protection – CATU KIT-ARC-12 Clothing & PPE Kits

12 Cal Arc Flash Protection - CATU KIT-ARC-12 Clothing & PPE Kits

12 Cal Arc Flash Clothing, PPE & Protection

CATU KIT-ARC-12 is a comfortable, lightweight arc flash jacket and protective coverall kit (12 cal/cm²). 12 cal/cm² refers to the units of incident energy that the PPE and clothing kit can withstand – should you require guidance on selection and use of an Arc Flash Calculator please call T&D.

Each CATU KIT-ARC-12 arc flash protection kit includes:

  • Arc flash face shield – CATU MO-187
  • Helmet – CATU MO-182/1-B
  • Safety glasses – CATU MO-11000
  • Protective hood – CATU MO-134
  • Arc flash jacket or coverall made from Indura Ultra Soft Fabric
  • CATU kit provides 12 cal/cm² arc flash protection
  • Complete range of Arc Flash Products & Clothing Protection

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IEC 61482-2 & NFPA 70E Compliant Arc Flash Clothing

CATU KIT-ARC-12 are both IEC 61482-2 (Standard Specification for Thermal Effects of an Electrical Arc Event) and NFPA 70E compliant. NFPA 70E assists companies and their employees in avoiding serious workplace injuries, accidents and fatalities caused by electrocution, arc flash and arc blast. CATU Electrical 12 cal arc flash kits are CE marked.

CATU KIT-ARC-12 Arc Flash Protective Clothing Kits 12 Cal

Arc flash clothing kit provides protection against arc hazards up to 12 Cal/cm²


Technical Specification

CATU Part Number Description
MO-187 1 x Face shield with chin cup 12 cal/cm², absorbs > 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, tested to ASTM F2178 specifications
MO-182/1-B 1 x ABS helmet electrically insulated EN397, EN50365, ANSI Z89.1, 20kV
MO-11000 1 x Safety Glasses EN 166/EN 170
MO-134 1 x Arc flash protective hood (12 cal/cm²), only with coverall and blue short jacket
N/A 1 x Protective coverall (12 cal/cm²) *1, ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E Standards
1 x Arc flash protective jacket (12 cal/cm²), ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E Standards
M-87413 1 x Carrying bag for face shield and helmet
M-87295 1 x All kit carrying bag

CATU KIT-ARC-12 Arc Flash Protective Clothing Kits

Product Selection

CATU Arc Flash Kit Part Number Description Arc Flash Protection & Capacity (cal/cm²) Weight (kg)
CATU KIT-ARC-12-C-(*) *1 Coverall 12 cal/cm² 4.2kg
CATU KIT-ARC-12-J-(*) *2 Long hooded jacket 12 cal/cm² 3kg
CATU KIT-ARC-12-JP-(*) *3 Short jacket without hood & pants 12 cal/cm² 4.4kg

(*) CATU reference to be completed by size required – M, L or XL as standard. Size S to 3XL available on request.

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