Pfisterer RSC-T Rail Connectors – Insulation Piercing Tap-off Connectors

Pfisterer RSC-T Rail Connectors - Insulation Piercing Tap-off Connectors

Pfisterer RSC-T Rail Connectors – Insulation Piercing Tap-off Connectors

Pfisterer RSC-T Rail Connectors

332 846 001

Network Rail PADS Approved Connectors

Return Screen Conductor T-Connectors | Pfisterer Sicon 332 846 001

On railway systems all trackside equipment that has the potential to become live has to be earthed. Pfisterer developed the RSC-T rail connectors as a simple, safe and reliable solution to protecting people and the environment without needing to strip the cable insulation. The compression of grounding and tap cables that was previously used, as well as the restoration of the insulation with a heatshrink sleeve, is no longer necessary making installation 50% faster.

The insulation piercing tap-off connector for earth connection cables on railway systems combines almost 100 years of contact technology experience at Pfisterer with its expertise as a “full-service provider” in the field of rail infrastructure.

The RSC-T rail connector comprises several parts and can be mounted directly onto an existing system. The bolts of the RSC-T are based on the proven SICON technology (SICON 332 846 001) typical to their range of shearbolt lugs and connectors. For the RSC-T the proven SICON bolt has been further developed and equipped with a friction disc which features insulation piercing technology.

Sicon Benefits

1 Reliable electrical contact between grounding and tap connector
2 Compatible with anti-theft rail cables
3 No interruption of the main conductor
4 Shock-proof in accordance with IP1X
5 No open blade for installation
6 Saves up to 50% of installation time
7 No flame, “hot-working” and heat shrinking required trackside

Pfisterer Sicon 332 846 001

Pfisterer Sicon 332 846 001

Pfisterer RSC-T

Technical Specification

  • Cross-section ground or main conductor: 265.8 sqmm *
  • Cross-section tap conductor: 157.5 sqmm *
  • Conductor material: copper, aluminum
  • Dimensions: 150 × 130 × 60.5 (L × W × H in mm)
  • Weight: 1.15 kg

* Other conductor cross-sections available on request.

Pfisterer also manufactures bespoke RSC-T rail connectors to meet individual customer requirements by carrying out all the necessary consultation, dimensioning, engineering, pilot production, testing, and series production.

Pfisterer RSC-T Rail Connectors

Features & Benefits

  • Easy assembly without stripping the cable insulation
  • Reduced installation time
  • No special tool required
  • No cutting of main conductor necessary
  • Tested according IEC 61284:1997-09 (Class B)
  • Cover protects against accidental contact, dust and moisture
  • Consistent and reliable connection due to shear bolt technology
  • Network Rail PADS approval number PA05/06096
  • Pfisterer Sicon part code 332 846 001
  • 4 pieces per box
  • Network Rail NR catalogue number 0091/070198

Pfisterer RSC-T Rail Connectors

Pfisterer RSC-T Technical Data

Sicon 332 846 001

Product Description External Diameter Of Conductor (mm) External Diameter Of Cable (mm) Cross Section (sqmm)
Main Conductor 19/4.22 21.1 25 265.8
Branch Conductor 19/3.25 16.25 20 157.5


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