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Mechanical Crimping Tools

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Cable Crimping Tools

➡ View the complete range of Cembre Mechanical Crimping Tools – the Cembre Crimpstar range of ratchet and mechanical crimping tools for use with cable crimps, connectors and lugs.

Mechanical tools for crimping electrical connectors, insulated terminals and end sleeves – the ratchet mechanism prevents the handles on the cable crimping tools from opening again before reaching the ratchet.

Thorne & Derrick can provide expert tool recommendations to ensure customer selection of the most suitable mechanical crimping tool for the cable application – contact us to discuss your requirements.

T&D have been Official Distributors for Cembre since 1985 – full range of mechanical crimping tools for delivery to UK and international destinations from stock; hydraulic and battery type tools also available for both cable cutting and crimping applications.

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