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RAILduct Cable Trough & Cable Protection Systems

RAILduct cable trough system, from Cubis Systems, is a HDPE moulded cable trough weighing under 15kg. It is capable of meeting pedestrian loadings and offers significant advantages in health and safety – as well as flexibility and fast installation. Weighing five times lighter than concrete, RAILduct™ is an extremely efficient cable troughing option.

How does RAILduct work? RAILduct is a strong and lightweight cable protection system offering significant advantages when compared to traditional troughing systems, which can weigh over 90kg. Assembled with one metre long sections, which are connected using a unique twist and lock mechanism. This allows for a small amount of movement to follow gentle curves in a track.

Benefits Of Cubis Cable Protection Trough Systems

  • Lightweight
  • Water Drainage
  • Quick Assembly
  • Flexible

RAILduct offers a unique hook, twist and lock mechanism which allows for the fast laying of multiple units.

CABLEprotect RAILduct

RAILduct Installation

Installation of Cubis’ RAILduct

RAILDuct Cable Protection

Features & Benefits


Quick Assembly

Alike the rest of the Cubis range of access chambers and cable protection, RAILduct™ is fast and easy to install; with a unique hook and lock interlocking mechanism which allows fast laying of multiple units.

Tamper Proof

Units can be secured with tamper proof locks and keys, to protect against vandalism and theft.

Water Drainage

The RAILduct cable troughing system allows for natural drainage of water, through the use of moulded slots within the base. Water drainage features are optional to suit your specific needs.


The Cubis range of cable troughs are all built with strength to ensure long lasting usage. RAILduct is designed with reinforced ribbing and twin wall design, which also ensures that it meets pedestrian loading.


RAILduct™ is built with 3° of flexibility in the interlocking connection to match bends in the track. For more extreme bends, vertical and horizontal bends can be supplied. It also allows for thermal expansions of +/-6mm due to the careful structure design. Shroud prevents vertical movement and allows the unit to expand and contract in accordance with temperature change.


Weighing under 15kg, RAILduct™ offers significant health and safety advantages over traditional concrete troughing systems that can weigh over 90kg. This cable trough is suitable for single person lifting and installation, enabling compliance with manual handling regulations. The lightweight properties and easy deploying, results in considerable project time and cost savings.


RAILDuct Cable Trough | How It Works

RAILDuct Cable Trough | How It Works

How The Cubis RAILduct Works

The RAILduct™ cable protection system is quick to assemble and features a huge range of advantages when compared to traditional solutions. With linear ballast anchor points, units are strong and will not be displaced by the velocity of passing trains when installed in the rail industry. These anchor points secure the duct unit into the surrounding material.

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Railduct MaterialsMaterials

HDPE Cable Ducts

RAILduct™ is manufactured in nitrogen-foamed high density polyethylene (HDPE), of which up to 70% is recycled material.

HDPE possesses excellent strength to weight properties.




Flexible Rail DuctRailduct Hook

Due to its unique twist and lock mechanism, RAILduct has three degrees of flexibility built into every unit. For more extreme bends, units can be supplied that meet the exact requirements of the track design. T-Junction units can also be supplied for breaking away from a cable trough run.




Railduct Load Rating

Load Rating

RAILduct™ meets the vertical load class of A15 set by EN124.

The system has been designed with optimum sidewall strength performance to ensure minimal flex when back filled.






RAILduct Cable Protection

Technical Specification

trough Size


Product Code

RAILduct™ 1 Metre9.3 kgSYDR00-00000000-BK00LA001
RAILduct™ T Junction15.5 kgSYDRDT-00000000-BK00LA001
RAILduct™ Y Junction (IN)21.0 kgSYDRDT-YLATOUT-BK00LA001
RAILduct™ Y Junction (OUT)21.0 kgSYDRDT-YLATOUT-BK00LA001
RAILduct™ 45º Bend12.5 kgSYDRDT-0000LEFT-BK00LA001

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