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MMTrough Cable Trough & Protection

MMtrough Cable Trough & Protection

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MMtrough Cable Trough & Cable Protection Systems

MMtrough is a GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic) moulded cable trough system.

Cubis cable troughs are lightweight, with this trough weighing under 10kg. However, despite its lightweight it is capable of taking loads imparted by vehicular traffic. MMtrough offers significant advantages in health and safety, installation speed and flexibility compared to traditional concrete cable trough systems.

How does MMtrough work? Assembly is quick and easy with one metre long sections connected together using joint pegs. This connection allows for 1-3° of possible movement to follow gentle curves on the rail track. The total cost of cable trough installation is seen to be significantly reduced as the MM Trough is typically five times faster, than traditional concrete units, to install.

Benefits Of Cubis Cable Protection Trough Systems

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Quick Assembly
  • Flexible
  • Single Person Install

MMtrough weighs under 10 kg, but is still capable of taking regular traffic loads.

MMtrough Cable Trough

Installation of the Cubis MMtrough Cable Trough

Installation of the Cubis MMtrough Cable Trough


MMtrough Cable Protection

Features & Benefits

Quick Assembly

Cubis cable troughs are always quick and easy to install, with one metre long sections of the MM trough connecting together with jointing pegs. This allows possible movement of 1-3° to follow gentle track curves.

Tamper Proof

Units can be secured with tamper proof locks and keys, to protect against vandalism and theft.


The Cubis range of cable troughs are all built with strength to ensure long lasting usage. MMtrough is designed with reinforced ribbing and twin wall design, which also ensures that it meets pedestrian loading. It is ensured that units are not displaced by the velocity of passing trains or vehicles, through linear ballast anchor points. These anchor points are used to secure the MM Trough unit into surrounding material.

Fire Retardant

MMtrough is fire retardant cable trough and has low smoke properties.


The trough is built with 3° of flexibility in the interlocking connection to match bends in the track. For more extreme bends, vertical and horizontal bends can be supplied.


Weighing under 10kg, MMtrough is suitable for single person lift and install, enabling compliance with manual handling regulations. The lightweight properties of this trough offers significant health and safety advantages over traditional concrete troughing systems, that can weigh over 90kg.

With the MM Trough, project time can be considerably reduced, along with cost savings, due to how easy the system is to deploy.


MMtrough Cable Protection | How It Works

MMtrough Cable Protection | How It Works

How The Cubis MMtrough Works

The MMtrough™ cable protection system is quick to assemble and features a huge range of advantages when compared to traditional solutions. With linear ballast anchor points, units are strong and will not be displaced by the velocity of passing trains when installed in the rail industry. These anchor points secure the duct unit into the surrounding material.

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GRP Cable TroughMaterials

GRP Cable Trough

The MMtrough is made of Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), which is a composite and strong material. GRP has a high strength to weight ratio, high temperature range, high mechanical properties and is fire retardant.





GRP Cable Trough


Covers can be locked and opened individually or as a combination of several covers and can be secured against the threat of vandalism or theft with standard tamper proof locks and keys.







Load Rating GRP Cable Trough Load Rating

MMtrough meets the vertical load class of A15 set by EN124.

MMtrough has been designed with optimum sidewall strength performance to ensure minimal flex when back filled.







MMTrough Cable Protection

Technical Specification

trough Size


Product Code

MMtrough 1 Metre9.47 kgSYDRSN-00MM0001-GY000AW51

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