Driving Heads For Installing Copper Earth Rods

Driving Heads For Installing Earth Rods

Driving Heads For Installing Earth Rods

T&D distribute the complete range of Driving Heads used when installing earth rods – the steel driving heads protect the internal thread and the top of the solid copper earth rod from damage when being driven into the ground to form an essential component of the overall Earthing & Lightning Protection system.

The driving heads are manufactured from high quality and durable steel – hand installed without requirement for specialist tooling.

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Driving Heads

Selection Table

Depending on the solid copper earth rod diameter the following table enables the correct selection and specification of driving heads to suit the earthing application – full supporting range of driving spikes and coupling dowels are also available to ensure optimum performance and conductivity of the copper earth rod system.

Head D mm Head L mm Earth Rod Thread Size Used With L1 mm Unit Weight kg Pack Quantity AN Wallis Part Number
16 38 M10 Copper Rods 16mm Diameter 20 0.03 25 ERCD 16
20 41 M10 Copper Rods 19mm Diameter 20 0.06 ERCD 20
25 45 M12 Copper Rods 25mm Diameter 25 0.10 ERCD 25
Driving Heads For Installing Earth Rods Dimensions

Driving Heads For Installing Earth Rods Dimensions

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