Solid Copper Earth Rods 3/4″ 19mm Diameter

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Solid Copper Earth Rods 3/4" 19mm Diameter

Earth Rods – Solid Copper

Earth Rods 19mm

Solid copper earth rods offer greater resistance to corrosion with a 3/4″ 19mm diameter. Solid copper earth rods are used in earthing applications where soil conditions are very aggressive, such as soils with high salt content.

  • Copper Earth Rod Diameter – Imperial 3/4″ / 19mm Metric

Copper Earth Rods 3/4″ 19mm Diameter

Product Range

Selection table for copper earth rods with 3/4″ diameter – manufactured to BS EN 13601.

AN Wallis Part Number Shank Length Thread Size Length 1 Earth Rod Weight Pack Quantity
ERC 212 20mm 1200mm M10 20mm 3.34kg 5
ERC 215 20mm 1500mm M10 20mm 4.18kg 5
ERC 218 20mm 1800mm M10 20mm 5.03kg 5
ERC 224 20mm 2400mm M10 20mm 6.71kg 5
ERC 230 20mm 3000mm M10 20mm 8.40kg 5
Earth Rod - Solid Copper

3/4″ 19mm Earth Rods


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Full range of earthing accessories including driving heads, couplers, spikes and copper tape clamps available to suit 3/4″ earth rod diameters.

Solid Copper Earth Rods 3/4" 19mm Diameter

Driving Heads | Rod Couplers | Earth Spikes & Studs to suit Solid Copper Earth Rods | 19mm 3/4″

When deep driving solid copper earth rods into the ground it is recommended to insert the earth rod into a bore hole and then backfill with Low-Resistance Earthing Compound or Bentonite.

Earth Tapes - Copper

Earth Tapes – copper earthing tapes available from stock in range of widths for all resistance-to-ground (earth) calculations.