Substation Earthing Equipment

Substation Earthing Equipment

A full range of Earthing Equipment available for use with earth end substation clamps

Earthing Clamps

Circuit Main Earths & Field Earths for MV HV Substations

Thorne & Derrick distribute Substation Earthing Equipment for medium and high voltage electrical systems, typically distributing 6.6kV-11kV-33kV power – we provide competitive prices for MV-HV Substation Earthing Clamps & Cables, including operating poles, from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

An extensive range of clamps are available from 10mm – 250mm busbar diameter consisting of full short circuit tested and being National Grid approved with associated operating sockets and insulated operating poles.

11kV, 33kV up to 400kVPortable Earth Leads

The PBwel range of equipment for use in Substations up to 400kV has a proven track record of many years of service in the electricity utility industry. As well as supplying a standard range of approved equipment, Thorne & Derrick can also design new and customised solutions for any portable earthing requirements.

With National Grid approval on a broad range of Line end clamps, Earth end clamps and Aluflex leads, our range of Substation Portable Earthing equipment is suitable for use up to 400kV (EHV) and covers a range of busbar sizes.

Pictured: Portable Earthing Kit | Field Drain Earth utilising 50sqmm Arctic Orange type Aluflex Cable for medium/high voltage substation applications.

Field Equipment Earths are also available for the earthing of scaffolds, cranes, MEWPs, and other pieces of field equipment – we can offer full technical advice and supply bespoke kits to suit your unique substation requirements.

The PBwel substation products consist of Substation Earth End Clamps, Substation Line End Clamps, Substation Leads, Substation Operating Poles, Substation Sockets, Spigots, Substation Fixed Earthing, Substation Earthing Tape Repair Kits, Substation Discharge Rods and Capacitor Maintenance Clamps and Leads.

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