HV Substation Portable Earthing Leads & Kits | Aluflex Cables

HV Substation Portable Earthing Leads & Kits

HV Substation Portable Earthing Leads & Kits

Substation Portable Earthing Leads

Aluflex Cable Leads for Medium & High Voltage Portable Earthing (MV HV)

Pbwel supply Aluflex portable earthing leads for all earthing applications and are produced from multi-stranded, commercially pure aluminium with an extruded PVC sheath to protect the earthing cable from damage.

Aluflex leads can be supplied in any required length, in a wide range of sizes including specifically for Substation use 150sqmm and 50sqmm according to ENA specification 41-21. The flexible aluminium earth lead comes with tested and approved compression terminations and stress support springs/sleeves.

PBwel Aluflex Leads are used for connecting between a Line End clamp and an Earth End clamp. For use in Substations, Portable Primary Earths always employ 150sqmm Aluflex cables with a transparent PVC sheath. Field Equipment Earths are utilising 50 sqmm, Arctic orange Aluflex leads, 50 sqmm exact leads are used for the control of induced voltages.

The flexible conductor is of a circular cross section made up of commercially pure aluminium wires, giving a nominal sectional area of 150sqmm. Portable earthing leads are also available in blue and green, solid, opaque or semi-transparent coloured PVC sheaths and other colours are available on request.

Pbwel Aluflex Leads

Portable Primary Earth Leads

Portable Primary Earth leads following the ENA Technical Specification 41-21, 150sqmm Aluflex with clear PVC sheathing. The earth leads are fitted with PB150T terminations and stress relieving springs to reduce flexing, which would otherwise create work hardening of the cable between the terminations and the cable junction.

The Aluflex Leads are carefully manufactured and tested rigorously throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality and performance. Terminations are made from specially milled and certified material, and precision machined.

HV Substation Portable Earthing Leads & Kits


  • Aluminium is less expensive than copper
  • Light and flexible substation portable earthing leads
  • Aluminium is less vulnerable to copper theft
  • Available HV earthing leads available in any lengths on request

➡ See Overhead Line & Conductors for technical specifications on transmission and distribution power lines working at high/extra high voltages (HV EHV).

HV Substation Portable Earthing Leads & Kits

A full range of Substation Earthing Equipment available for use with substation portable earthing leads & kits.

Portable Earthing Equipment & Tools for HV EHV Substation & Overhead line Applications

Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of PB Weir substation earthing and transmission line earthing equipment.

In 2018 In 2018 PB Weir joined the Novarc group and re-branded as PBwel and now, through the ESP group of companies, we are able to supply, support and maintain a comprehensive range of Electrical Safety Equipment which includes: Earthing, Insulated Tools, Arc Flash Protection, Personal Voltage Detection Helmets, Insulating Gloves, Voltage Detection, Operating Poles & Lock-Out Tag-out.

Thorne & Derrick also distribute the Alroc and Ripley range of Utility Tools for stripping, cutting and preparing high voltage transmission and distribution cables prior to jointing, splicing and stringing – see also the Cembre range for battery and hydraulic cutting tools.

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