HV Substation Operating Sockets

HV Substation Operating Sockets

HV Substation Operating Sockets

PB Weir HV substation operating sockets are made using a light alloy material for both strength and ease of use and support the line end clamp while being raised and lowered at the end of an operating pole and are designed to ENA technical specification 41/21. They also rotate the operating screw of the line end clamp whilst being secured into position or being removed.

S9D ESI S1 HV substation operating sockets support clamps being applied in an upward direction, alternatively CEA/52 ESI-S1 can be used where the operating screw of the line end clamp is controlled by means of a sprung loaded plunger in the socket.

When the clamp is fully tightened the S9D ESI S1 HV substation operating socket should be pushed gently up towards the clamp at the same time maintaining the tightening pressure and to which the socket will then automatically disengage.

CEA/52 ESI-S2 sockets are for application in a downward direction i.e. below the horizontal and for this reason is sprung loaded to ensure the clamp does not fall out of the socket inadvertently.

T&D also offer HV substation operating poles & earthing rods with operating sockets for substation use.

HV Substation Operating Sockets Benefits

  • Solid construction for extended service
  • Proven service record used by ESI for over 40 years
  • Light weight and good corrosion resistance

➡ See Overhead Line & Conductors for technical specifications on transmission and distribution power lines working at high/extra high voltages (HV EHV).

HV Substation Operating Sockets

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