EV Charging Feeder Pillars & Enclosures

EV Charging Feeder Pillars & Enclosures

Electric Vehicle Charging

ev Feeder Pillars

EV charging feeder pillars and enclosures form part of the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and are necessary for installing an EV charging point.

Ritherdon enclosures for EV charging can be used in both new and retrofit applications. The multipurpose enclosures are manufactured from stainless steel and available in a large range of sizes to suit any LV power distribution project.

EV Pillars – Features & benefits

  • Variety of pillar sizes available in same range from 300 mm up to 2100 mm wide
  • Pillars available as both single and double door cabinets
  • Hinged lift-off door, root mounted pillars
  • Fitted backboards with optional pre-wiring for EV charging applications
  • Different lock options are available
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Quality, durable electrical enclosures with a 25 year guarantee
  • Less vulnerable to vehicle impact

RMC Enclosures | EV Pillars

RMC Enclosures | EV Pillars

RMC Enclosures

RMC enclosures are the largest enclosures in the EV pillars range manufactured by Ritherdon, are available in various sizes.

The feeder pillars also feature a range of different depths and heights to accommodate electrical equipment.

Larger enclosures are recommended for powering rapid electric vehicle charging points to future proof your EV infrastructure.

EV PillarWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Maximum Height (mm)Backboard (mm)Door Configuration
RMC 2100210080020001770 x 2002Double
RMC 160016008001770 x 1502
RMC 125012506001770 x 1152


EV Pillars | RB1000 Ecotricity

EV Pillars | RB1000 Ecotricity

Ritherdon can manufacture the feeder pillar to a maximum of 2300 mm wide and 1150 mm deep and as tall as 2292 mm.

The RMC range of enclosures have been designed to work around the requirements of the end user. Please call T&D to discuss your requirements further.

RB Cabinet Range

The most commonly used enclosure size is the single door RB800 and RB1000 cabinets.

They are typically used to power fast-charging EV pumps.

The image below shows an RB1000 EV pillar used for powering this Ecotricity Electric Highway pump on Jct18/19 in Heywood, Greater Manchester (OL10 2RB).

This particular charging point has three types of connectors with a maximum output of 50kW (the connectors available are 2 CCs fast charge, 3 DC, CHAdeMO fast charge, and 3 AC, type 2, 43 kW).




RH Pillar Range | EV Pillars

RH Pillar Range | EV Pillars

RH Pillar Range

From the hinged feeder pillar range – most commonly used sizes of feeder pillars are RH300, RH400, RH500.

An RH300 is installed at Horwich, Bolton as part of the GMEV network.

RH500 is a different style charging point also part of the GMEV charging network with higher voltage power output.



Hinged EV PillarOverall DimensionsBase PlateBackboard
Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)

RH900 EV Pillar

RH900 EV Pillar


Transport for London has commissioned Ritherdon for EV enclosures to power off-street parking EV charging points at an office parking lot on Chancel Street Railway Arc near TfL Palestra House.  The image shows the RH900 in use for TfL.

Options for Ev pillars


A wide range of colours and finishes are available, including graffiti-resistant. The standard colours are black, dark green, light grey, dark grey or a natural finish (only available in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel), however other paint colours and finishes are available on request.


The enclosures feature a key operated, stainless steel, tri-key Camlock with a three point locking system, with a padlockable handle which is protected with a padlock shroud.


Plywood backboard plus earth bonding of the door. A pre-wiring service is available

Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars – when specifying a bespoke feeder pillar from pre-wired enclosures that are ready to install, to solutions that challenge convention to take a completely new form, we ensure your power distribution requirements are met.