Feeder Pillars – Electric Vehicle (EV) Power Supply Pillars

Published 17 Oct 2018

Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars, Power Management & Control Equipment

  • Uploaded By - Chris Dodds (Thorne & Derrick Sales & Marketing Manager)
    Guest Post By - Giles Davidson (Area Sales Manager at Lucy Zodion Limited)

Lucy Zodion were approached by the client (Eagle) to manufacture a galvanised steel feeder pillar from their Fortress range to supply three electric vehicle charging points within the clients own site – the double door feeder pillars are designed to provide robust and reliable distribution of low voltage electrical power.

The initial plan was for the EV charging points to be fitted to the wall of the building.

Lucy Zodion suggested that the side walls of the feeder pillar could be utilised to provide the three IP67 sockets, which lessened the upheaval to the site with less civil engineering, electrical and cabling work required.

The client also wanted to be able to provide electrical isolation via each socket from within the feeder pillar but also needed to ensure that only authorised personnel could do this.

To achieve this Lucy Zodion fitted the new Hasp and Staple lock system so the client could fit a padlock as pictured below.

To complete the project the electric vehicle power pillars were painted to the clients specific RAL paint colour specification.

The design, procurement, assembly and testing was all completed in time and the customer saved money on the project.

Lucy Zodion bespoke feeder pillars with customised design and pre-wired solutions, tailored to the customers’ requirements without compromise.

Feeder Pillars - Electric Vehicle (EV) Power Supply Pillars

Feeder Pillars – Electric Vehicle (EV) Power Supply Pillars

Feeder Pillars For Electric Vehicles With Padlockable Vandal Resistant Protection

Feeder Pillars For Electric Vehicles With Padlockable Vandal Resistant Protection

Feeder Pillars

T&D together with Lucy Zodion are able to offer a range of feeder pillar enclosures and cabinets that are robust, durable and secure providing weatherproof and padlockable vandal resistant protection. Feeder pillars are available as standard empty enclosures or custom manufactured low voltage pre-wired electrical distribution equipment consisting of a robust galvanised steel pillar with vandal resistant lockable doors housing LV electrical switchgear and control systems.

Feeder Pillars EV

EV Electricity Supply Pillar in production at Lucy Zodion incorporating CTCU and surge protection – the feeder pillar also uses Matt:e’s O-pen technology devices which eliminates the need for earth mats or rods.

Feeder Pillars

Electric Vehicle Charging Supply Pillars – Lucy Zodion are empowering EV with pre-wired feeder pillar and electricity distribution solutions. Lucy Zodion develop EV solutions considering the charge speeds each charge point is capable of, from fast to super, to ensure the client receives the most suitable and compatible option. The standard range of pre-wired supply feeder pillars for EV charging come in four sizes and can supply power for up to 54 fast charge points, 12 rapid charge points and 2 super. Additional components can be integrated as optional extras, for smart and adaptive power distribution solutions.

Feeder Pillars

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