HV Cable Termination 17.5kV Heat Shrink Kits 3 Core 25-50sqmm SPS 3TES-12P-A

Cable Termination Cable Joints - Heat Shrink MV HV

17.5kV cable termination kits using heat shrink technology are suitable for terminating medium/high voltage (MV-HV) single core paper insulated lead covered cables (PILC) into switchgear, substations and cable termination boxes – indoor cable terminations also available.

SPS 3TES-12P-A cable termination kit suits 15kV 17.5kV cables with 25sqmm, 35sqmm, 50sqmm 3 core conductors.

15kV 17.5kV Cable Termination

HV High Voltage – Outdoor

  • Cable Termination Type – Heat Shrink
  • Termination Location – Outdoor
  • Number of Cores – 3 Core
  • Conductors – 25sqmm, 35sqmm, 50sqmm
  • Cable Type – PILC (Paper Insulated Lead Covered)
  • Heat Shrink Standard Tail Length – 700mm
  • Termination Kit Order Code – SPS 3TES-12P-A

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15kV 17.5kV Cable Termination Kits

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3 Core PILC 15kV Terminations


The following enables the termination kit selection for 17.5kV 3 core outdoor cables:

15kV/17.5kV Cable Termination Indoor  PILC Cable Termination Kit Range 15kV/17.5kV Cable Termination Outdoor 
3TIS-12P-A 3 Core 25-50sqmm 3TES-12P-A
3TIS-12P-B 3 Core 70-95sqmm 3TES-12P-B
3TIS-12P-C 3 Core 120-185sqmm 3TES-12P-C
3TIS-12P-D 3 Core 240-400sqmm 3TES-12P-D


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