3M 82BF1 Submersible Cable Joints Using Scotchcast Resin

3M Scotchcast 82BF1 Submersible Cable Joints

3M Scotchcast 82BF1 Submersible Cable Joints

3M 82BF1 submersible cable joints are flexible branch and tap cable splices utilising Scotchcast resins for use on non-shielded, unarmoured portable power cables and cords, marine and offshore shipwiring cables 600/1000v, including all offshore power and instrumentation topsides cables to IEC/NEK606 and halogen-free mud resistant cables (BFOU and RFOU) types.

3M Scotchcast 82BF1 cable joint kits are extensively specified to repair, connect and joint submersible motor pump cables – this includes in both straight, branch and tap-off cable configuration.

82-BF series suitable for use in weather-exposed, direct burial or submerged locations – for making branch splices on non-shielded portable power cables and cords rated up to 5kV for single conductor and up to 1000V (600/2000V mine portable cable) for multi-conductors.

3M 82BF1 Cable Jointing & Splicing Kits

  • 3M Cable Splicing Kit Number: 3M 82-BF1
  • Type Of Resin: 3M Scotchcast
  • Cable Outer Diameter Range: 0.25-0.80″ / 6-20mm
  • Branch Cable Connector Type: Compression “C” Tap
  • Number of Conductors: 1/Multi
  • Max Voltage Rating: 1000V (multi conductors – mine portable cable rating of 600/2000 volts)
  • Conductor Size Range (AWG): Up to 1/0 (1 conductor), Base multi-conductor selection on cable outer diameter range for multi conductors
  • Splice Type: Branch
  • Voltage: 1kV, 5kV
  • Voltage Application: Low Voltage
  • Product Category: LV Cable Joints

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3M 82BF1 Cable Joints

3M 82BF1 Branch Cable Joints



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