3M Scotch 69 Tape – Premium Glass Cloth To 200 Degrees Celsius

3M Scotch 69 Tape - Premium Glass Cloth To 200 Degrees Celsius

3M Scotch 69 Tape – Premium Glass Cloth To 200 Degrees Celsius

Scotch 69

3M Scotch 69 Tape is designed to operate in applications requiring excellent mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures up to 200ºC and conforming to Military Specification No. MIL-I-19166C – Scotch Glass Cloth Tape are specially treated and prepared to provide corrosion free protection.

The thermosetting adhesive of the Scotch 69 tape provides an increased bond once applied in areas of high ambient temperatures and forms part of the 3M Scotch Electrical Tapes.

Ideal for use as a coil cover, anchor, for banding and core, layer and crossover insulation and recommended for use with Scotch 77 Arc & Fire Proofing Tapes.

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Specification – 3M Scotch 69 Glass Cloth Tape

Scotch 69 tape, manufactured by 3M Electrical is a glass cloth electrical tape with a silicone thermosetting adhesive. The tape shall be white and 7 mils (0,177 mm) thick. The 3M Scotch tape shall be coated on one side with pressure-sensitive adhesive which shall not require heat, moisture, or other preparation prior to or subsequent to application. The adhesive coating shall be smooth and uniform, and be free of lumps and bare spots. There shall be no separator between adjacent layers of the roll. The Scotch tape shall be UL Recognized under UL Standard 510. Scotch 69 shall perform at a temperature of 392° F (200° C) without loss of physical or electrical properties

3M Scotch Tapes

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3M Scotch 69 Tape – Premium Glass Cloth To 200 Degrees Celsius Features

3M Scotch 69 Tape

3M Scotch 69 Tape – ex stock

  • UL recognised for continuous use up to 180°C
  • Provides fault arc protection to adjacent wrapped cables
  • Meets requirements of Military Specification No. MIL-I-19166C

3M Scotch 69 – Applications

  • Insulating electric and induction type furnace power supply leads
  • Securing high temperature, non-PSA insulations (such as asbestos and glass) in high temperature areas
  • Securing Scotch 77 Fire Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape
  • Replacing 3M Scotch 27 Tape in locations where a higher-temperature tape is needed
  • Reinsulating and repairing coils on mining machines
  • Reinforcing insulation in electrical installations where heavy loads cause high heat and breakdown of original insulation (e.g. motor control exciter feeds)
  • Splicing silicone-covered glass wire where splices require more abrasion resistance and mechanical strength than can be provided by silicone tapes
  • Insulating Class “H” dry-type transformer leads

3M Scotch 69 Tape

Premium Glass Cloth To 200 Degrees Celsius Technical Specification

Colour White
Thickness 0.177mm
Temperature Range 200°C
Standards UL recognized for continuous use up to 200°C. It conforms to Military Specification No. MIL-I-19166C, RoSH complaint
Backing (Material Type) Glass Cloth
Width x Length Available: 6mm x 33m, 9mm x 33m, 12mm x 33m, 15mm x 33m, 19mm x 33m, 25mm x 33m, 38mm x 33m, 38mm x 33m, 50mm x 33m
Elongation 5%
Dielectric Strength 3000V
Breaking Strength 1500 PSI
Thermal Conductivity 23°C – .078 BTU/hr./ft. °F
Adhesion to Steel 40 oz/in (4.4 N/10mm)
Adhesion to Backing 40 oz/in (4.4 N/10mm)
Flame Retardant Self Extinguishing


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3M Scotch Electrical tapes including Scotch 69 are used to cable joint, splice, repair, seal and protect cables against abrasion, fire and corrosion – this includes LV-HV (11kV-33kV cables) – please contact T&D should you require assistance with selecting the correct tape.

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