3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes

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3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes

3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes

Scotch Tapes

T&D are Main UK Stockists for 3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes – for complete specification, technical and ordering details about 3M glass cloth tapes please refer to the product sections below.

➡ For details on the complete range of 3M insulation, self-amalgamating, mastic sealing tapes, corrosion and fire protection tapes for LV-MV-HV cable jointing, terminating and insulating applications please see 3M Scotch Electrical Tapes.

From stock at competitive prices we can supply the following 3M Scotch Tapes:

  • Scotch 69
  • Scotch 79
  • Scotch 27
3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes

3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes

Scotch Electrical Tapes

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3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes

3M Scotch Tape  Description  Tape Thickness  Temperature Rating  Roll Size
3M Scotch 69 Tape 3M Scotch 69 Designed to operate in applications requiring excellent mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures up to 200ºC and conforming to Military Specification No. MIL-I-19166C 0.177mm 200°C 6mm x 33m
9mm x 33m
12mm x 33m
15mm x 33m
19mm x 33m
25mm x 33m
38mm x 33m
38mm x 33m
50mm x 33m
3M Scotch 79 Tape 3M Scotch 79 Tape Electrical grade acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that gives the tape a high temperature resistance of 150ºC. Suitable for transformer and motor applications thanks to excellent conformability, absorption and high solvent resistance. 7.0 mils (0.177 mm) 150° C 15mm x 55m
19mm x 55m
25mm x 55m
30mm x 55m
50mm x 55m
3M Scotch 27 Tape - ex stock 3M Scotch 27 Tape Woven glass cloth tape designed to operate in applications requiring high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures. Designed for continuous use at class “B” (130°C) temperature and it’s adhesive is a rubber pressure-sensitive thermosetting system. 0.177mm 150° C 12mm x 20m


➡ T&D stock and supply the complete range of 3M Scotch Glass Cloth Tapes.

3M Scotch Electrical tapes are used to cable joint, splice, repair, seal and protect cables against abrasion, fire and corrosion – this includes LV-HV (11kV-33kV cables) – please contact T&D should you require assistance with selecting the correct tape.

3M Tapes

The following gallery of 3M Scotch Tapes demonstrates including glass cloth tapes the diversity of applications to provide electrical insulation and protection to cables operating at low, medium and high voltages:

Cold Shrink Terminations 3M

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