Access Chambers | Cubis ULTIMA CPULRS-12000600 | 1200mm x 600mm

ULTIMA Access Chamber

ULTIMA Access Chamber


CPULRS-12000600 Access Chambers 

ULTIMA CPULRS-12000600 from the STAKKAbox range of access chambers offers a flexible access chamber system with no compromise on strength. Due to the design and the material used (GRP), ULTIMA should be used anywhere where sidewall loading is a concern, such as alongside highways or railway tracks.

CPULRS-12000600 Features

STAKKAbox ULTIMA Access Chamber

  • Manufacturer: Cubis
  • Product Code: CPULRS-12000600
  • Clear Opening: 1200mm x 600mm
  • External Dimensions: 1327mm x 727mm
  • Stacking Depth: 150mm
  • Actual Depth: 160mm
  • Weight: 19.3 kg
  • Delivery Options: Solid Ring
Access Chambers & Inspection Chambers | Cubis STAKKAbox

Access Chambers | STAKKAbox™ from Cubis

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