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cablesafe safety hooks


S Shaped

Cablesafe Cable Safety Hooks are ‘S’ shaped plastic cable hooks made from GRP (glass reinforced polyester) and are available in sizes from 6″ to 15″ in diameter.

Cable hooks can be used to support, suspend and retain all types of electrical cables (LV-HV power, control, instrumentation), welding cables, extension cords and hoses in the offshore, marine, petrochemical, mining, rail, chemical, electrical power and entertainment industries.

Cable hooks provide clean and well organised work floor/decks improving operational electrical safety and cable management.

CableSafe Cable Hooks

CableSafe Safety Hooks are used in cable management while conducting maintenance, turnarounds, construction works and industrial works. The Safety Hook is used as an electrical safety product to suspend temporary cables and hoses from the work floor – the S shape design of the cable management hook permits the suspension of single or multiple runs of electric cables.


  • Product Description: 6″ Cable Safety Hooks (S-Hooks)
  • Cable Hooks Material: GRP
  • Design: S Shaped
  • Top Cable Opening Size: 1 1/8″ | 2.9 cm
  • Bottom Cable Opening Size:1 1/7” | 2.9 cm
  • Weight: 55 gram | 0.12 lbs
  • Maximum Load: 40 kg | 88 lbs
  • Standard Cable Hook Variations: Yellow & Glow in the Dark
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Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

6″ safety hooks – selection table

Cablesafe Order Code Variation Colour
CS-6-Y Standard Safety Hook 6″ Yellow
CS-6-Y-FR-UV Safety Hook Extreme 6″ Yellow
CS-6-GID Standard Safety Hook 6″ Glow In The Dark
CS-6-GID-FR-UV Safety Hook Extreme 6″ Glow In The Dark

➡ Cable hooks are available to order in White, Black, Blue, Green and Red (Quantities of 500+ hooks only)

CableSafe® Safety Hooks

➡ The complete range of cable hooks manufactured by CableSafe and distributed from stock by Thorne & Derrick:

  • CableSafe® Safety Hook 15″ (15 inch)
  • CableSafe® Safety Hook 12″ (12 inch)
  • CableSafe® Safety Hook 9″ (9 inch)
  • CableSafe® Safety Hook 6″ (6 inch)

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