Cable Spiking Tool Jack | ACVOKE Cable Spiker Jack

ACVOKE® Cable Spiking Tool Jack

ACVOKE® Cable Spiker Jack

Cable Spiking Tools

The Accles & Shelvoke cable spiker jack is an accessory which is included with the ACVOKE Standard Cable Spiking Tool and is used to remove the blade after spiking LV, MV or HV polymeric cables.

Sold as a separate accessory for the ACVOKE cable spiking tool range to aid blade removal.

Cable Spiking Tool Jack

Features & Benefits

  • Easy blade withdrawal from spiked cables, including polymeric 11kV and 33kV cables
  • Reduces operator or cable jointer fatigue
  • Protects cable spiking tool from damage during removal
  • Cable jack is low cost modification to cable spiker tools


Part Number Cable Tool Description
2260 Jack Assembly
2191 Conversion Clamp for 11kV Aluminium-Sheathed Cables
2238 Clamp for Polymeric Cable
2241 Clamp for Triplex Cable
7925 Box of 25 Yellow Mark Cartridges – Extra light charge for small polymeric type cables having no outer metallised sheath
7920 Box of 25 Silver Mark Cartridges – light charge for all aluminium-sheathed cables up to 300mm square
7900 Box of 25 Green Mark Cartridges – medium charge for plain-covered cables and for armoured cables up to 85mm
7900 Box of 25 Red Mark Cartridges – heavy charge for armoured cables over 85mm with Standard cable spiker and up to 150mm with Heavy Duty Spiker


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