Cable Spiker – Mini Cable Spiking Tool (Up To 75mm)

Accles & Shelvoke Mini  Cable Spiking Tool

Accles & Shelvoke Mini Cable Spiking Tool

The Accles & Shelvoke mini cable spiking tool is lightweight in design for shorting electric power cables.

The lightweight mini cable spiker and .25 calibre powerloads (available in two strengths) are easily transportable, while retaining the capability to spike cables up to 75mm.

Mini Cable Spiker


  • Fires a steel spike into electric cables to short-circuit the power, ensuring they are safe to work on
  • The safest tool available
  • Remote operation ensures operator safety
  • High quality and durable
  • Suitable for single and multicore polymeric power cables
  • Uses low cost .25 powerloads
  • Easy to assemble and simple to operate
  • Provides years of reliable use
  • Suitable for cables up to 75mm diameter tool


Part Number Cable Tool Description
2260 Jack Assembly
2191 Conversion Clamp for 11kV Aluminium-Sheathed Cables
2238 Clamp for Polymetric Cable
2241 Clamp for Triplex Cable
7925 Box of 25 Yellow Mark Cartridges – Extra light charge for small polymetric type cables having no outer metallised sheath
7920 Box of 25 Silver Mark Cartridges – light charge for all aluminium-sheathed cables up to 300mm square
7900 Box of 25 Green Mark Cartridges – medium charge for plain-covered cables and for armoured cables up to 85mm
7900 Box of 25 Red Mark Cartridges – heavy charge for armoured cables over 85mm with Standard cable spiker and up to 150mm with Heavy Duty Spiker


Accles & Shelvoke range of tools include Heavy Duty Cable Spiking Tool, Cable Spiking Tool & Standard Cable Spiking Tool

Accles & Shelvoke range of tools include Heavy Duty Cable Spiking Tool, Cable Spiking Tool Jack & Standard Cable Spiking Tool

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