Cable Spiker – EHV Heavy Duty Cable Spiking Tool (Up To 150mm)

Accles & Shelvoke Heavy Duty Cable Spiking Tool

Cable Spiking Tools

ACVOKE Heavy Duty Cable Spiker

Cartridge Powered Cable Spiking Tool | For Spiking Cable of up to 150mm Diameter | LV MV HV Cables

The ACVOKE heavy duty cable spiking tool, manufactured by Accles & Shelvoke, is powerful, robust, versatile and is suitable for shorting low, medium and high voltage electric power cables prior to undertaking cable repair, maintenance, jointing or termination.

This heavy duty cable spiker is the most powerful in the range with .44 calibre cartridges in four strengths and can accommodate cables up to 150mm diameter.

The spiking tool is easy to assemble, simple to operate and produced to a high quality, for use with all cable designs and ideal for penetrating all forms of normally applied cable coverings with a wide range of cartridge strengths.

The spiking tool needs no external power source, as the blank cartridges can be used anywhere for firing it.

A unique self-setting safety system eliminates the risk of the operator accidentally firing the tool when setting up while the long lanyard and release pin feature completely separates the operator from the tool at the moment of firing.

➡ ACVOKE cable spikers are also available as a Mini Cable Spiker for single and multicore polymeric cables up to 75mm and a Standard Cable Spiker for cables up to 110mm diameter.

ACVOKE® Heavy Duty Cable Spiker


  • Fires a steel spike into electric cables to short-circuit the power, ensuring they are safe to work on
  • The safest cable spiking tool available
  • Remote operation ensures operator safety
  • High quality and durable jointing tools
  • Suitable for all medium and high voltage cable designs
  • Penetrates every form of normally applied cable coverings
  • Easy to assemble and simple to operate by the cable jointer
  • Provides years of reliable use at LV MV HV
  • Suitable for LV, MV & HV cables up to 150mm diameter
  • View the complete range of Cable Spiking Tools

ACVOKE® Heavy Duty Cable Spiker specification

Description Weight Cable Diameter Product Code
ACVOKE® Standard Cable Spiker 20 kg Up to 110mm 2233
ACVOKE® Standard Cable Spiker with Jack Assembly 21 kg 2235

Accles & Shelvoke range of tools include Heavy Duty Cable Spiking Tool, Cable Spiking Tool & Standard Cable Spiking Tool

Cable Spiker Cartridges & Accessories

Cable spiking kit includes:

  • One ACVOKE® Cable Spiker
  • Cleaning and maintenance tools
  • Lanyard for remote operation
  • Durable carry case

ACVOKE® Mini Cable Spiker Accessories

Product Code Calibre Colour Grain Suggested Uses
7925 .44″ Yellow 10 Extra light charge for small polymetric type cables having no outer metallised sheath
7920 Silver 12 Light charge for all aluminium sheated cables up to 300 mm2
7900 Green 16 Medium charge for plain covered cables and for armoured cables up to 85 mm diameter
7910 Red 20 Heavy charge for armoured cables over 85 mm with Standard Cable Spiker and up to 150 mm with Heavy-Duty Spiker
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